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   Chapter 8 Hester, I hate you so much!

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A maid came in, and Hester was scared to hide into the bed immediately.

"Miss Hester, Mr. Terence sent me to serve you in your daily life. Mr. Terence has been on a business trip with the branch company in France for one week. "

She was stunned. Although she understood that business was the most important thing for him, she still felt sad when she heard this news. As she was so sad, she did not notice that the maid just politely called her Miss Hester instead of Mrs. Hester.

All of a sudden, something came to her mind. In a hurry, she asked, "but... how can we handle our marriage certificate today?"

"Don't worry, Miss Hester. Mr. Terence has arranged it. Someone will send you to the Bureau of Civil Affairs later."

Hester put the prepared clothes in the bathroom and went into with her pajamas in shyness. After she changed her clothes and came out, she saw the maid threw the blood stained sheet into the garbage can.

Suddenly She felt a moment of melancholy.

It was not until she went to the Civil Affairs Bureau that she realized Without the company of the bridegroom, the marriage certificate was still smooth to get. .

She didn't know how Terence made the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau shut up, but he had done it.

She had completed the ceremony by herself from beginning to end.

In the end, she held the marriage certificate in her hand. There was a blank picture beside it. It was so ridiculous that she was the only one in the picture. Terence's secretary took the certificate away from immediately. Though she didn't want to leave it on his side, she didn't stop him.

In a deluxe business suite in France, the night was slowly falling——

Standing in front of the floor to ceiling window with a glass of wine in his hand, he looked down at the blurry night. His eyes were far from being focused. No one knew what he was thinking.

A coquettish voice of a woman came from behind him.

"Mr. Terence, don't be such a killjoy. Am I not as beautiful as the scenery outside? "

Before he turned around, his waist was held by a pair of slender hands.

He frowned and felt somehow irritated.

What kind of perfume did she use? Why did it smell so bad!

"The perfume is disgusting. Stay away from me!"

"Unpleasant? How could it be! It's Dior jasmine, your favorite aroma. " The woman asked in surprise and uneasiness.

"Fuck off!" He had lost his patience and shouted coldly.

The woman behind him was frightened to tremble. She did not know why he got angry, but still left.

As soon as the woman opened the door and left, she saw a man walking towards her. The man took the opportunity of her opening the door. At the moment, he strolled in, and closed the door gracefully regardless of her resistance.

"Mr. Terence, nice to meet you. I am the legal adviser of your mother Mrs. Qi. I come to see you for a special purpose!"

His mother's lawyer?

He turned around and looked at the urbane man in front of him. Wearing gold rimmed glasses, the man looked less rigorous, but he felt uncomfortable.

"What do you want from me?" He waited patiently for his mother's sake.

The man sat down, opened the document in front of him and handed it to Terence:

"Let me introduce myself first. My family name is Tang, and you can call me Sean Tang. Our company has concluded that you and Miss Hester have married and fulfilled our legal contract. So I have to transfer part of the shares to your name according to your

mother's wishes. This is the share transfer contract. If there is no problem, you can sign it. "

Glancing around, Terence asked:

'5% shares? What about the rest 15%?

"What about the rest?"

"I think Mr. Terence should understand. Your mother's ultimate intention is to see you and Miss Hester will have a child, so she can't give you the rest of the shares without obtaining his genes.

According to your mother, now... It is just a reward! "

Pursing his lips, it seemed that he wanted to imitate the tone of Mrs. Qi, but it turned out that the way he imitated was incorrect and somewhat ridiculous.

Hearing this, Terence frowned.

'A reward? Did she take him as a three-year-old child? Getting a reward once he did one thing right? In order to let Hester and him give birth to babies, she had to use up all the methods!

His eyes narrowed dangerously, and he looked horrifying.

"What if I have no child with her after a long time?"

His sharp gaze was fixed on Sean's face, making him feel that he had nowhere to hide. This domineering aura made people feel frightened from the bottom of their hearts.

No wonder Mrs. Qi has repeatedly asked him to be careful, or else we will be in a lot of trouble.

The man in front of him indeed had the ability and aura to destroy others, so he had to be careful.

He smiled with a pretended lightness. "In Mrs. Qi's will, she expressed that If you can't have a baby with Ms. Hester in one and a half year, she would transfer all the shares to Ms. Hester, which can't be transferred again.

Mr. Terence, what do you think? "

Do you agree? 'Was the man going to ask about his feelings of being forced?'

Terence clenched his fists and his nails cut deep into his flesh. But he didn't feel the pain.

"Well. Take this contract. When the baby is born, transfer all the shares to me." He said coldly and seriously.

Without any persistence, Sean nodded, closed the file and stood up. As soon as he left, the wine broke away from Terence's hand and smashed hard to the landing glass.

The scarlet liquid escaped at once which looked like blood.

Anger raged on Terence.

He didn't understand why she force him now. She had never fulfilled her mother's responsibilities. Why did she force a deaf and stupid woman into his love? Why can she control his marriage and his future?

What right did she have?

Terence was very interested in how Hester had forced his mother to be so cruel to him!

It was already seven o'clock in A city while the night in France was twelve o'clock.

Hester was asleep. Her eyelashes were trembling like two exquisite fans, as she was dreaming.

She dreamed of the man she loved most. She was so happy that she didn't know what to do.

He approached her slowly, and she searched for the words to say, but didn't know what to say first.

Suddenly, the gentle woman in front of her changed into a hideous man, who said

"Hester, I want to kill you!"

After that, he reached out his big hand abruptly and strangled her slender neck. It was a dream, but she felt that she was about to suffocate to death.

"Ah --"

A scream instantly woke her up from the dream. When she opened her eyes, she saw a face as cold as ice over her head.

He was in complicated forbearance as if he was angry.

She was stunned. She didn't expect that he would show up here.


As soon as she opened her mouth, she was occupied by a domineering and rude kiss——

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