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   Chapter 7 He seems to want more

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Hester sent him to the door when he left, warning him to be careful on the way, not knowing that the man beside her had turned grim.

As soon as the door was closed, she didn't expect to

be grabbed with a sudden strength. She looked back hastily and saw the impatient expression of Terence. He grabbed her hand and walked upstairs.

"Terence? Where are we going? "

But only seeing his back, she didn't know whether he would answer her or not.

Terence took her directly into the bedroom and ruthlessly threw her on the bed. She frowned in pain, but before she could cry out, he kissed her.

This kiss was passionate and powerful.

She forgot to close her eyes and stared at the enlarged handsome face in front of her.

This was his first time to...

Did Terence really kiss her?

Was she dreaming?

Flustered, she pushed hard against his chest, trying to distance herself from him. It was the first time that she had been so close to him. Instead of getting as excited as she had thought, she felt frightened and uneasy about the unknown.

Feeling her strength, Terence frowned ferociously. Impatiently, he opened his eyes and saw Hester's restless sight.

He released her lips. He had thought that the chapped lips wouldn't have any charm, but it turned out that they are not too bad, at least... He wouldn't be unable to feel so sick!

That's good. At least he can make a scene!

He looked down at the little hand against his chest and asked with a cold smile, "Are you rejecting me?"

She blushed, not knowing whether it was because of the kiss or because the distance between them was too close.

All in all, she was not used to it. Her heart beat fast and her mind was in a mess.

"Terence... You... What are you doing? "

Hearing this, he wanted to laugh. She was about to be his wife and now she was on the bed. How could she ask him innocently what he was doing?

His eyes narrowed dangerously. If not because of his mother's behavior, he would never touch this woman. He wished he could just kill her directly.

He got angry at the thought that his child must be born from her.

His big hand slowly moved to her slender neck. This time, he did not gather his hand, but flirted around. Her light skin exposed in the air, making her shiver with cold.

As if she just woke up from a dream, she tightened her grip on her clothes. But how could she be stronger than Terence?

After a little struggle, her hand was gripped by one of his hands and pulled high over her head.

"What? Didn't my mother give you the sex lesson before she left? You don't know how to be my wife? "

What di

d he say?

These words made her blush.

She hesitated and stammered, "I... I will try my best to be your wife. I will! "

"Be a good wife from the bed." He said coldly, with his thin lips pressing over again, instead of biting Hester's lips, spreading all the way down her neck.

However, Hester wasn't happy at all. Instead, she was afraid of Terence.

Because she had never experienced such kind of things!

Uneasiness occupied her brain. She gasped hard and wanted to grasp something, but her hands were tightly held by him. It was not a sense of security at all.

Seeing that his kiss became more and more seductive and she was suffocating, she quickly said in a scared tone

"Terence, I'm afraid..."

Her trembling voice did not arouse any pity from him.

"Is this how you seduce me?" Terence said coldly. Although his voice was as cold as before, if Hester could hear it, she would be able to perceive the Terence was trembling inside.

Hester wouldn't understand at all. The strange feeling made her afraid. She could only try her best to clear her mind and use her pain to stimulate her mind. She didn't expect that seeing her expression, Terence is so moved.

"What's wrong with me, Terence? I feel so bad! "

She groaned in pain, like a child, instinctively afraid of the unknown.

"Okay, I'll relieve you!"

The reason gradually occupied his mind, and his sharp eyes were fixed on the woman under him.

This woman has gone all out to win the position of his wife, and even used his mother to give birth to his successor.

Since she wanted it so much, he would satisfy her. He hoped that the woman could bear it in the end!

A tearing pain spread from all directions like the sea water. She wanted to stop the man, but she did not get any response.

Finally, her weak body couldn't bear it and she fainted.

There was no lust in the man's eyes. His eyes were full of calm and cold light.

He stood up, put on his clothes relentlessly, and left the room.

At the moment of his leaving, the corner of his eyes fell on the bed. The woman curled up like an injured animal, looking very pitiful And bloodstains also proved that absurd thing happened just now.

At last, he drew back his gaze and turned away.

The sun jumped on the bed through the curtain's gap and shone on the girl's pale face.

She opened her eyes in pain. Her body was so painful that she was numb. Around her... She had found nothing there.

As for Terence... He had already left?

She sat up. Her face flushed as soon as she saw the scarlet blood under her body.

At this moment, the door was opened.

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