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   Chapter 6 Hester, do you love me

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Soon, the phone was hung up and Terence walked in from the balcony. Glancing the little woman who was still sitting on the sofa and seemed to be a little scared, he gave a forced and fake smile.

The content of the phone call was still echoing in his ears.

"It's easy to get the password of the safety box in your hall. You just need to get married with Miss Hester as soon as possible. After she gives birth to the baby, the bank will provide the password and then give you the share transfer document.

The premise is that the child must be you and Hester's! "

He had never expected that his mother would do this. They had extracted the gene of Hester and him in advance and formed a data net. If the child was matched with 90% of its blood, then they would be able to obtain the password automatically!

His mother was afraid that he would not marry Hester, so she forced him to marry her! He wouldn't be able to obtain the 20% shares without Hester!

He was very curious about how Hester had coaxed her!

The girl in his eyes was looking at him, trembling. It seemed that she was frightened by him just now.

He strode forward and sat beside her. He raised his hand gently to rub her head, but she shivered and took a step back because of fear.

He didn't mind Hester's avoidance at all. Instead of slowing down, he directly wrapped his arms around her thin waist and drew the distance between them closer.

"Hester, you love me, right?" He asked casually.

She was a little shocked, but soon she understood and nodded.

She loved him so much that she couldn't extricate herself from her childhood at the first sight! But she also knew that a normal girl like her didn't deserve him, so she would try her best to be a qualified wife!

Seeing her nodding vigorously, he could not help but raise his eyes with satisfaction. Finally, he said, "Good. Our wedding date is ahead of schedule. Let's go to get a marriage license tomorrow. Do you like it?"

"What?" She was shocked and asked incredibly.

The wedding day was advanced, which was something she never dared to imagine. Didn't he say that it was not easy to hold the wedding early since Mrs. Qi had passed away? Why did they arrive ahead of schedule all of a sudden?

"Then Where is Mrs. Qi? She left... "

Before she finished her words, Terence interrupted her. He smiled and said, "there's no difference between one month and tomorrow. It can be a good ending for her wish.

But also because of this, I can't give you an open-minded wedding ceremony, in case it will be known by others, okay? "

Terence had Hester's beautiful face in his hand, with eyes bent, it seemed a gentle smile appeared at his face. Only he knew how crazy in his minds covered by his eyes.

He was so furious that he wanted to strangle her!

He underestimated the woman. She was so scheming that had his mother to do this. Forcing him to marry a deaf woman? He had underestimated her!

No one could threaten him, Hester... She was the first person who dared to challenge him!

Hester recovered from the astonishment and couldn't hide her joy. Afraid that it was only a happy bubble, she asked anxiously again

"Terence, are you telling the truth?"

"Of course. If my mother sees that we are married, she will be very happy. You have also fulfilled her last wish. Just like kill two birds with one stone.


He said lightly.

Hester didn't refused this time, because before Mrs. Qi left, she had said that she hoped they would get married as soon as possible, so that a long delay would cause trouble. If Mrs. Qi knew that she got the marriage certificate with Terence, she must be very happy!

She was so happy that she hugged him tightly, buried her face in his arms and said in a trembling voice

"Terence, I know you love me. I'm going to be your wife..."

He held her body with one hand and his palm unconsciously circled around her neck, as if touching her beautiful hair. But as long as he slightly tightened his grip, her slender neck could be broken.

He curled his lips and whispered in her ear.

"Hester, how did you lie to my mother? Is this what you want? "

His smile was so fierce and terrible.

She couldn't see his mouth and didn't know what he was talking about. She just felt that he was blowing on her ear. Although it was warm, she felt a little uncomfortable.

A little flustered.

They didn't hug each other for a while. Without Hester's notice, Terence pushed her away and refused with the excuse of eating downstairs. She then realized that it was already very late. He had stomach problem!

She asked him again if Mike could stay for dinner. This time, he was very nice and promised her with a smile.

Hester felt that she was dizzy into the whirlpool of happiness.

He held her arm and went downstairs. Mike stood in the living room and faced the stairs, in the same position.

He was surprised to see a couple coming down.

The brothers looked at each other, and there seemed to be gunpowder in the air.

Hester said in a happy tone, "Mike, stay and have a dinner with us. We haven't sat together for a long time."

"My brother agreed?" He frowned and looked at Terence with uncertainty.

Without giving him a glance, Terence fixed his eyes on Hester and said, "My sweetie is right."


How could they call each other so intimately while going upstairs? What happened?

Hester was wearing a happy smile, as if she had been drinking honey.

Smart as he was, Mike felt something was wrong.

On the table, he saw a completely strange Terence. Not only did he become so tender towards Hester, but also he spoke in a tender voice. It seemed that Hester was accepted and could not perceive the difference.

If he hadn't been familiar with the Terence, he might have been bewitched by this scene. But he knew his brother too well!

There was no reason for him to accept Hester; he hated Hester so much! Something must have happened!

During the meal, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Just like sitting on pins and needles, he wanted to interrupt their "affection" several times. He wanted to warn Hester not to be easily cheated, but he couldn't utter a single word, as his voice was choked with sobs.

After dinner, he wanted to get alone with Hester and ask what had happened upstairs.

But Terence didn't give him the chance. After cleaning up, he said

"Since the dinner is over, I won't force you to stay. It's late. Drive back early and take care of yourself."

His eyes narrowed and his lips curled into a gentle smile

"You are right. I should go now. I will visit you and Hester next time."

Mike stood up and looked at Hester deeply, with his long eyelashes covering his unwillingness.

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