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   Chapter 5 caring about him What a tone!

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At this time, Terence had returned to his room with Hester in his arms. Upon entering the room, he loosened his arms without mercy. Hester fell awkwardly onto the sofa unexpectedly, the pain made her face twisted.

But even so, she still bit her lips tightly and did not make a sound. Seeing the stubborn look on her face, Terence was moved.

He recalled that just now she stood timidly behind Mike and they looked like a couple with their hands clasped. This made him a little depressed.

He really doubted whether she was really silly or not. Any wise man could see through Mike's mind, but she looked vacant!

'If I didn't get down there, would she be taken away?'? She was too stubborn to leave the villa. But now her decision changed so easily to go out by the man's simple lies.

Thinking of this, Terence felt a little discomfort. Then Hester saw a trace of displeasure in his eyes.

Finally, he didn't leave her alone. Instead, he took out the first aid kit, tossed it beside her and went to the balcony to take a breath.

Hester looked at the medicine box with a puzzled look. Terence hadn't said anything since he entered the room. But it seemed that he was in a bad mood, so she shut her mouth obediently. She was afraid that Terence would ask her about the dinner.

She tried her best to move forward, but the medicine box was placed a little far away from her. Her legs were so painful that they could not bend.

Just as her finger was about to hooked, she couldn't bear it and rushed forward. Falling awkwardly down to the sofa, her forehead deeply engraved in the corner of the tea table. It was so painful that she gasped.

Hearing the noise, Terence came in and saw the little woman crying in pain, rubbing her forehead.

This woman She was so stupid!

He pressed his eyebrows together, his handsome face was overcast with dispersant. Striding forward, he twisted her up with a hand that was holding her, which made Hester so scared that she couldn't help shouting

"I I was wrong. I won't do it again. Don't be mad at me! "


He said coldly. Without even taking a look at her, he directly opened the medical kit and took out the cotton swabs and some bandages.

Hester was scared to death by the word coming out of Terence' lips. When she saw Terence was about to apply medicine to her, she felt herself useless.

She could not help but bite her lips. After a moment of hesitation, she said, "How about... I can do it myself. "

"And you make a mess?" He replied coldly.

Her face turned pale and she didn't know what to say. When she had no ideas, she felt a sharp pain from her knees and the veins on her forehead throbbed violently.

"It hurts..."

She couldn't bear it anymore and looked at him pitifully like a child.

Being stared at with her elk-like eyes, Terence felt weird.

It just like... Suddenly be stung by something.

He frowned slightly. Finally, he stopped her from moving and continued to apply medicine to her wound.

This time, she was much more obedient. Even though she was suffering great pain, she was still holding back her pain, with cold sweat falling from her forehead.

He could feel her shivering. Glancing at her face from the corner of eyes, it seemed that her pale lips were bitten tightly by her. Strangely, he felt a little concerned.

"Don't bite your lips." He ordered.

She was stunned, wondering if she had seen it wrong. He was taking care of the wound and he didn't even look at her, so... 'Did he say that to me?'

She was not sure, but she loosened her mouth obediently. When she couldn't stand the pain, she grasped his arm

tightly, wondering if she would hurt him with so much strength.

After applying the medicine, she was soaked in sweat, as if she had been through a tribulation. After packing up things, Terence turned around and made a phone call. Judging from the blurred mouth shape, she vaguely guessed that he was making a phone call to the doctor.

All of a sudden, her heart was filled with joy 'He still cares about me, or he would not drive that woman away. Also, he would not apply medicine to my wound personally.'. When he saw her biting her lips with pain, he would also stop her.

He seemed to be cold and ruthless, but he was sensitive to details Mrs. Qi told her not to give up, if she did How lonely would he be?

At the thought that he was alone in the face of a complicated family relationship, she clenched her fists. No matter how hard the future would be, she would not leave him!

Seeing that he had hung up the phone, she said in a low voice, "well I can't make dinner for you today, but Mike have invited the cook. Can you make do with it? "

Seeing that she was so careful, Terence didn't want to frighten her. After a long while, he nodded stiffly as agreement.

She continued to ask, "It's too late outside. Shall we ask Mike to stay and have a dinner?"

This time, he responded.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and the tranquility in his eyes deeply attracted her. He pursed his thin lips into a cold line, giving off an aura of horror all over his body.

Stepping forward, he asked, "Why are you so concerned about him?"

"I guess he didn't have dinner. We can just have dinner together. You haven't seen each other for a long time. It's a good opportunity to improve your relationship, "

She could not recognize the coldness in his tone, nor could she find any strange emotion on his calm face. She just instinctively wanted them to reconcile.

Although they don't have the same mother, they are related by blood. There will be more contact in the future. What if their relationship is so stiff? '

Moreover, she thought that Mike was a man with a good temper and easy-going temper. He had come to the villa on purpose to make friends. As the wife of Terence, she certainly hoped that two brothers would be on good terms!

After all... The feud between the two people of their last generation happened. They had their own lives!

Looking at Hester's eyes, Terence gave a cold smile. How heartless she was that she can say it so easily and naturally

If she didn't know what had happened to his family, he could forgive her. But now he felt that he had seen a contemptible scoundrel!

"What? Do you want to interfere with my family now? " He asked ironically, but he forgot that Hester couldn't hear the bitterness in his tone.

Hester smiled, "I'm your fiancee. We're about to get married. I'm caring about you!"

Concerned about him? What a tone!

He squinted his eyes, which looked dangerous. His calm face finally became a little scared.

He strode forward, like a beast in dangerous condition, with a terrible element jumping all over his body, which made people feel fearful.

Hester felt he was not happy until now!

She shrank back into the sofa with fear, but she couldn't catch up with him. Soon he bent over and encircled her in the narrow space.

All of a sudden

His cell phone vibrated, making the atmosphere a little more relaxed.

Terence glanced at the phone on the tea table casually, when he saw the caller ID, his eyes froze. Finally, he let go of her and turned to the balcony.

Answering the phone, he heard the voice from the telephone, "Mr. Terence, we get it!"

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