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   Chapter 4 she is your sister-in-law!

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The cold eyes of Terence were fixed on Hester closely, wishing to go up and choke her to death.

Yam Ning, who was standing behind him, tightly held his arm and pressed her soft body against him. Noticing the dissatisfaction in his eyes, she suggested promptly

"Terence, it's so dirty here. Let's go out to eat, okay? Your time is valuable, this loser doesn't deserve it"

A loser?

The word sounded especially harsh.

Glancing at Hester, who was lowering her head to pack her things, Terence squinted at her with danger in his eyes. Then he withdrew his gaze in disgust and looked at Yam Ning. Removing her arm, his hand fell on her neck. The temperature of his palm was hot, but his eyes were cold.

At that moment, Yam Ning thought he would really strangle her.

"Terence I was wrong. Please spare my life... " She pleaded piteously.

But she didn't know that her begging provoked him even more. For some reason, he wished that she would be as stubborn as Hester. The more she begged him, the more he hated her!

"Fuck off!" This cold voice sounded from his thin lips, making her tremble all over. Yam Ning stared at him in horror as if he was a devil.

She didn't dare to stay any longer and quickly ran away.

Without stopping or giving Hester a glance, Terence turned around and went upstairs directly. However, at the corner, he could not help but glance at her, with a strange emotion rising from the bottom of his heart, which displeased him.

As time passed, more than an hour had passed after Hester had cleaned up the mess on the ground. Enduring the pain, she rushed into the kitchen to cook a few easy homely dishes. He had stomach trouble. If he didn't eat regularly, he would have a stomachache. There was no other aunt at home, so she had to be quick.

While she was busy with her work, a person suddenly rushed up from behind and grabbed her wrist. She screamed in fear and the plate in her hand fell down and fell to the ground.

When she saw him, she heaved a sigh of relief, patted her chest and glared at him. "Mike, why are you here? You scared me! "

She couldn't hear the sound, so she didn't know there was someone in the room.

Mike's gaze shifted from her scarred hand to other parts of the body and found that the wound on her knee was the most severe with a thick scarlet scar.

"How did you end up like this? Did Terence do it? " He asked with a worried look.

He hadn't come to see her for only a few days. How come she was still working when he saw her again? Why there were so many wounds on her face?

He felt a heartache for her.

She withdrew her hand quickly and put it behind her back like a child who had done something wrong. She looked a little nervous and said unnaturally, "It's all right. I broke the plate by accident and fell down again. So I got hurt. I cut my hand when I was cleaning. Am I useless? "

She felt a little bitter at the thought of what Terence said to her just now.

Seeing the sadness in her eyes, Mike felt sorry for her. He directly went up and held Hester up. She was startled and struggled to get down.

He signed with profound resignation "Dummy, how could you go upstairs and apply medicine on

your wound?"

"I I have to prepare dinner for Terence, he hasn't had dinner yet! " She kept struggling.

"Terence"! It's him again!

He narrowed his eyes slightly. A complex expression flashed in his eyes, but no one noticed it in a flash. He closed his eyes, a mixture of happiness and helplessness filled his eyes.

"Okay, I'll ask the cook to do these for you? My brother's behavior was wrong. You not only need to take care of him, but also clean up the house. It's really exhausting. I'll talk to him about it. Now your priority is to go to the hospital with me and have a good rest. No matter my brother will let you go, I am the first one who won't let you go! "

His black eyes pretended to be angry. She shrank her head timidly and shook her head immediately.

She pulled at his clothes obediently and said in a fawning soft voice, "Mike, I'm really fine. I'll go back to my room and apply some medicine on my face. There is no need to go to the hospital!"

"No way!" He was determined this time and there was no way to relieve it.

He took her hand and walked to the door, when suddenly a cold voice came from behind.

"Where are you taking her?"

He stopped slowly, and his back was stiff. But soon it was back to normal. He turned around as if nothing had happened, only to see the condescending face of Terence who was standing on the stairs looking down at them with his cold and sharp eyes.

With his eyes squinted to the little innocent girl, Terence couldn't help but frown. He couldn't help but look at their holding hands, with his eyes cold all of a sudden.

He strode forward. The clear sound of friction between the shoe soles and the ground was like a trial from hell.

Soon, he walked in front of them, and with a ruthless stroke, he drew Hester into his arms. She was injured and almost fell down to the ground. Her body shook and she threw herself into his arms awkwardly.

He held her in his arms without giving her a look and turned around to go upstairs.

However, they were stopped by a powerful force behind them.

Looking back, he saw Hester was still gripping firmly with Mike's hand. He looked up along the clenched hands and at Mike's face.

"Release your hand!"

Terence said coldly. It was not a discussion, but an order.

Mike gnashed his teeth in bitter hatred. He knew it was improper, but he just didn't want to give up.

He wouldn't be able to watch him take Hester away without doing anything!

His move pissed off Terence. He gave a mocking smile as if to laugh at Mike's overestimation.

He raised his eyebrows and mocked, "You've gone too far. She's your sister-in-law!"

Hearing this, Mike's heart was wretched.' His hands were so weak that they could not support anymore. He could only stand by and watch them leaving.

Next to his ear, there was a cool sneer from Terence. He said

"You went too far. She is your sister-in-law!"

He could only stand there and look at her leaving figure deeply, but he did not even have the qualifications and courage to go forward. No matter how much he loved Hester, as long as his elder brother allowed it, he would never be good to her!

Why did she choose his brother?

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