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   Chapter 3 We Don't Raise Garbage

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Terence walked up to her, and glanced at her with disdain.

"Stop overreacting. If you can't stand up, you should just leave. We Qi family don't raise garbage..."

Hester couldn't clearly hear the rest of his words. The pain from her whole body made the veins on her forehead bulge, and cold sweat fell into her eyes. She could not help but close her eyes in pain.

'I have to keep my eyes open!

Otherwise I won't be able to see what Terence is saying!'

However, when she forced herself to open her eyes again, Hester saw that he was already walking away, his back turned coldly to her. The sight of this made her heart sink.

Terence had left her.

Yam Nine, on the other hand, did not. Instead, she crouched leisurely, and looked down arrogantly at Hester's embarrassing position.

With a pout, she further provoked Hester, her voice filled with sarcasm, "Weren't you arrogant just now? Now you are lying on the ground, just like a dead dog. Do you know what Terence said just now? He said Qi family don't raise garbage. Did you hear that? Technically, you're really good for nothing!"

Yam said these words slowly so that Hester could clearly read every word on her lips.

The words that came out of Yam's red lips drew a sharp line at Hester's heart.

'You're really good for nothing...' She wasn't good for nothing--she was the wife of Terence, the one who would take care of him for the rest of his life!

Using every ounce of strength she could muster, Hester got up from the cold floor. Her action was very slow, and she fell back awkwardly several times, which appeared a bit ridiculous.

Seeing this, Yam Nine didn't try to stop her. On the contrary, she wished Hester would keep falling down to her death!

The two women did not notice that Terence had turned around, and was watching the whole thing happen. For some reason, he felt a bit moved. He saw Hester struggling to get up from the ground, her fair skin full of bruises and her forehead swollen with a red mark. The cotton, cartoon shirt Hester was wearing was all creased and dirty. Even though Hester looked so pitiful, there was firm determination in her bright, black eyes!

Shaking his head, he averted his gaze. He never expected that he would have this amount of interest towards this good for nothing!

Hester stood up and looked at Terence's direction, as if she felt that he was looking at her.

But all she could see was a cold, emotionless figure.

She held back her disappointment and looked away from Yam's smug face. No matter how much Yam laughed at her, she still was not the legitimate hostess. Hester was the one true hostess here! There was no one else but her!

Slowly but surely, Hester walked towards the dining table with great difficulty. Feeling exhausted and in terrible pain, she closed her eyes and uttered, "I'm not garbage. I'm going to prepare dinner for you. The dinner has gotten cold, but I'm going to heat it up right now."

Hearing this, Terence trembled imperceptibly. There was a complicated look on his face.

Hester's hobbling figure came into view. She walked to the dining table, got the meal she had prepared, and wobbled her way towards the kitchen.

'Damn it! Couldn't this woman be sensible and just leave?' Terence sneered to himself.

The anger rose in Terence suddenly, and he strode forward and grabbed Hester's wrist. The pain from his grasp made she loosen her grip on the bowl, making it slip from her hand.

Although it was no longer hot, the contents of the bowl splashed all over them.

Hester was startled. Instinctively, she quickly used her free hand to wipe the apron. However, she was thrown onto the ground by Terence. Her knee hit the floor with a hard thud, causing blood to spill out.

For a few seconds, she was lost at a daze with t

he new pain shooting up her leg. With a soft whimper, she carefully bent her knee to look at the wound.

"Stop it! Just stop!

Hester, how stupid can you be? Why do you insist on staying with me? Didn't you marry me so you could call yourself my wife? Didn't you marry me for a wealthy life?

I can give you money, and I can buy you a house and get you a maid to serve you, as long as you hand over my mother's belongings and never mention that ridiculous contract ever again!

I never want to see you again!"

She had suffered so much that her bright eyes were already brimming with tears. With a defeated heart, Hester nodded, and could not help but accept all of Terence's terms.

'It is so humiliating for her that she believes my mother's belongings are for her to keep, and that she would ask me to marry her. Impossible! No way! I don't believe in love. And even if I did, a deaf, disabled woman would definitely not be one of my choices for a wife!'

Hester was stunned at the sight of Terence's furious dark eyes, and she couldn't help trembling. There was no love in his eyes and she even felt that he was going to strangle her at any moment.

'No... Impossible..'

"I... I promised Mrs. Qi. I want to... I have to take care of you!"

"You are crazy!"

Hearing that again, Terence wondered why his mother believed that a deaf idiot could be his wife!

For a short moment, Terence thought that maybe he was the one going crazy!

"Terence... I know the death of your mother was a great blow to you. I will wait. When you are in a good mood, we will talk about our marriage. I... I'm taking care of you at home now, okay?"

"Is this what you want?"

he pursed his lips and said in a cold voice.

Terence's eyes were so cold that Hester couldn't help staring at him.

Hester could not feel any pain, but only the chill through her bones. She couldn't help but shivering. Finally, she nodded firmly, "Yes, I must fulfill your mother's last wish."

As soon as she finished speaking, the rage on his face disappeared, and the indifferent expression on his face returned.

"Since you want to stay and look after me so much, I'll do what you want. The meal you made is ruined. You must make another one."

Hester was gasping for breath when she saw the move of Terence's lips. She looked at the mess all over the ground. The soup on the floor mixed with the blood from her busted knee. She had wounds all over her body. It was difficult to warm the dishes up in the first place. But now, it seemed almost impossible to make another one from scratch given her state.

"I... I'm afraid I can't..."

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by a sneer from Terence, "Well, are you rejecting me now? Didn't you say you would take care of me? Now it's time for you to fulfill my mother's last wish. You won't let your beloved Mrs. Qi down, will you?"

"I... I didn't mean that. It's just that I'm badly hurt--"

"If you don't follow what I said, get out of here right now! If you can take care of me, I will keep you by my side. But now you can't even cook. How can you stay here? What good are you for?" he questioned.

Hester opened her mouth, but she couldn't say a word. At last, she calmed herself down and nodded her head.

In an almost inaudible voice, she whimpered, "I understand. Hold on for a moment. I will make it right as quick as possible."

Then she squatted down. She felt a sharp pain from her knees, and blood trickled down her fair, slender legs, but she didn't care. She cleaned the ground carefully and moved slowly without any sound of protest or pain.

Watching this, Terence squinted his eyes, his stare like icy daggers.

'This woman is so unreasonable. Why would she go through all this trouble... just to make my dead mother happy?'

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