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   Chapter 2 The Most Intimate Thing

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Dumbfounded, Hester stood outside the door, wondering what she did wrong. Why did Terence hate her so much? She was his fiancee!

Hester slowly sank into the floor and curled up into a ball. It felt as if she was falling into a bottomless abyss.

This was the first time she felt so helpless and scared.

At that moment, she remembered what Mrs. Qi told her on her death bed.

"Hester... I will be leaving soon. You have to take good care of Terence for me. He will soon be your husband, the one who will always protect you and cherish you. You must hold him tightly, never let him go.

He is not good at expressing himself. His words mean no harm, but I know that you are smart enough to not be confused by what you see on the surface. Believe me, dear. You love him, and he loves you too. You two will be together forever, but... I'm afraid I won't be there when you two wed.

Promise me something, okay? Please, don't give up... "

Mrs. Qi held Hester's hand tightly, and then closed her eyes slowly, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

It was the last thing Mrs. Qi ever said to her. 'Don't give up!' These words rang over and over in Hester's head.

She took a deep breath and gathered up all her courage, her fists clenching with determination.

Mrs. Qi was right. Hester remembered Terence's promise to her when they were still kids. She believed that Terence still loved her, and would keep his promise. Although she hadn't seen him for many years, Hester had firmly believed that his original intentions did not change despite the fact that he had changed so much.

'It is highly possible that he still loves me. It just so happens that Mrs. Qi has only passed away recently. Perhaps he's still just unable to agree to such a hasty marriage.' With all this in mind, Hester was determined that she would try her best to be a good wife!

Hours later, the sun had completely set, and the moon was high in the sky. Finally, the door to Terence's bedroom opened. Hester had already prepared dinner for Terence, worrying that if he doesn't eat a thing, he would have a stomachache.

She was waiting by the door with a tray of food, a wide smile on her face. However, much to her surprise, the beautiful woman was the one who emerged from the door.

She was wearing a silk pajama. Her collar was open, and her voluptuous body made Hester blush.

She looked down and avoided the eye contact. But when she caught a glimpse of her own breasts, she felt dismayed.

It was obvious. Her body was nothing compared to the beautiful woman's. 'Does Terence ever be fond of such a woman?'

As Hester kept her head down, the charming woman had come to her side. She raised her head and cast a sidelong glance at Hester.

"I don't care who you are. I'm going to marry Terence. I hope you leave as soon as you can. Please do everyone a favor. Nobody wants you here,"

the woman, Yam Ning, said as she raised her eyebrows at Hester.

"Just now, Terence told me that his mother arranged for you and Terence to get married. Is that right? Well, Mrs. Qi is dead, and clearly doesn't know any better. How could she leave you to torture Terence? I really doubt that she didn't love her son at all because of what she did."

These words completely provoked Hester.

In Hester's mind, Mrs. Qi was the most tender and amiable mother in the world. Because of her illness, she became deaf, and was soon despised by everyone around her. But Mrs. Qi never treated Hester in an ill manner. And, because of his mother, Terence also learned to love Hester.

Unfortunately, when Hester moved away, she couldn't meet Mrs. Qi frequently. Nevertheless, Mrs. Qi still cared about her, and chatted with her as often as she could. When Mrs. Qi was about to pass away from her illness, she was worried that Hester would be left all alone with no one else to look after her. That was why she wanted Hester to marry Terence.

For Hester, Mrs. Qi was the best person in the world, and she couldn't allow others to slander her!

At that moment, Hester couldn't help but feel that Yam Ning was barking up the wrong tree. She glared at Yam and said angrily, "How could you say that? Apologize to Mrs. Qi now!"

"Apologize? Why I need to apologize to a dead person?" Yam said with a mocking smile. Then she looked

at Hester's angry face and snorted, "Your voice is really coarse. Is there something wrong with your vocal cords? I bet you can't hear yourself talking. You should realize how much torture you're putting Terence through just by opening your mouth.

I think you're the one who should apologize. Not me. You are the one who should get out of here!"

"You've gone too far! You can insult me, but not Mrs. Qi! You must apologize to her!"

Hester was like an angry lioness, looking at Yam ferociously, as if she would rush up and strangle the woman in front of her any second now.

However, Yam ignored Hester's threat.

"Quit the act now. Terence is not here. Why do you have to put up this little show of yours? I advise you to give up. Terence won't even look at you! He loves me, and I'm the hostess here!

As for you..."

Yam raised her slender hand and poked Hester's head with her fingernail in an arrogant manner. "As for you, just go away. Such a disabled person like you is really annoying."

Then she took back her hand and wiped it with disgust, as if she had been infected with some kind of virus.

With her hands around her chest, Yam flipped her hair, turned around and left.

Unexpectedly, she was shoved so hard that she bumped against the stair railing.

Hester had pushed her! Fortunately, Yam caught the railing just in time to prevent herself from falling down to a tragic fate. When she turned her head around, she saw Hester's angry look, and her chest heaving with anger.

"Damn it! What the hell are you doing?" Yam shrieked.

"Apologize to Mrs. Qi! You can't insult her!" Hester said, gritting her teeth.


Yam was so infuriated that veins on the side of her head started to pop. 'What's wrong with this woman? She doesn't care about herself or Terence, and yet she goes crazy for a dead person!' Yam thought. However, the insistence of Hester scared her!

Yam glanced at the stairs underneath, and an idea flashed in her mind. She smiled cunningly and mischievously, which was not noticed by Hester at all.

She stood up and said with contempt, "What if I insult her some more? Will you want to hit me again? Let me tell you. She is the most pathetic mother in the world. She even set a trap for her son!

It's ridiculous that a disabled person like you is Terence's wife. It is shameful for the Qi family to know that. I'm afraid that Mrs. Qi will regret if she knows that her son is being laughed at."

"What... Shut up!"

Hester was raging with anger now. How could this woman's mouth be so hateful? Why would her words be so cruel! There was nothing wrong with Mrs. Qi's decision. Hester believed that Terence loved her, and that they would be very happy together! It was just that... She hadn't seen Terence for a long time, so he just wasn't used to her presence yet.

Hester reassured herself that Mrs. Qi would not regret making her Terence's wife. There was no way she was going to humiliate the Qi family! It was not her fault that her ears were not good. Why did this woman bully her like this?

Fueled by her anger, Hester charged forward at Yam. However, Yam acted quickly and tripped her over. Hester lost her balance and fell down the flight of stairs.


When she reached the bottom of the stairs, every part of her body started to ache. Her head, thighs, arms... She hit the floor hard and felt the sharp, painful coldness that seemed to penetrate all the way to her bones. Moaning, she couldn't tell whether or not her back had been broken from the fall.

She groaned in embarrassment and tried hard to open her eyes. There, she saw Yam standing at the top and sneering at her with a sinister look in her eyes.

Yam was so far away that Hester could not read her lips, but she could understand enough from the sneer she had on her face.

Suddenly, another person came to view. It was none other than Terence!

He wrapped his arms around Yam's waist from behind and walked slowly towards her.

In her eyes, the man's expression was too cold, and his thin lips were pressed into a fine line, making him look mean and appalling. His coldness made her heart sting, but she couldn't help feeling hopeful at his presence.

'Terence, will you help me? I'm your wife!'

Hester shouted from the depths of her heart!

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