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   Chapter 833 Miss A Good Opportunity (Part One)

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The night fell slowly. It was completely dark. Five cars slowly came out of the gate of the Castle of Jordon and headed for the airport.

The first two cars drove on the road, and the latter two cars were cut off. Greg took Anthen and his wife to sit in the middle car and soon arrived at the airport. The five cars stopped at the same time. Greg politely said, "Anthen, here we are. You can see Alice soon."

At the airport, a group of more than 20 people appeared here in black suits and sunglasses. Although they didn't do anything, they all looked fierce.

A tall figure walked in the middle. His cold face made people shiver. His handsome face was not inferior to those big stars. He was exactly Greg, and a middle-aged couple followed him closely.

Sitting in the front car, Korn was a little anxious. As the son of butler in the the Castle of Jordon, he also took a car to lead the way. Before he came out, he had already informed Chris of their location.

Chris had already arranged enough people around the airport. He not only needed to have Ninth-refined Ring, but also wanted to capture Greg. Although Will Group had fallen into his hands, keeping Greg was always a big trouble.

Howard was old now and there was nothing to be afraid of. But Greg was still young. He didn't want give Greg any chances from now on.

"Do it as soon as Alice shows up." Chris controlled his men in a high-end hotel outside the airport. Now everyone ambushed in the airport, waiting for his order to launch an all-out ambush. He must succeed this time.

As usual, the airport was crowded with people. Many people came and left in a hurry. Greg and his group protected Anthen and his wife and went straight inside.

All of a sudden, Wayne, who had been standing next to Greg, sensed that something was wrong. He put his hand in his arms and was ready to make a move at any time. He approached Greg and whispered, "Mr. Wei, the atmos

on attracted many people's attention.

Omar held his mother's hand tightly, fearing that he would be lost in this foreign country. He didn't know what his mother was going to do with him here. He only knew to follow his mother, because she was his only support.

Rona had planned to leave here with her son first, and then tried to find Greg in the Castle of Jordon. Her eyes swept around the airport hall and suddenly froze in a place. She quickly took off the sunglasses and opened her eyes wide. Was she right? That's Greg?

Did he know that she was coming today to pick her up at the airport? Her heart was filled with surprise in an instant, but then she felt something wrong. Greg had been talking to the middle-aged couple beside him, and it didn't look like he was coming to pick up someone.

A sweet smile quickly appeared on her face. What a coincidence! She didn't expect to meet him here. Now she didn't have to go to him.

"Greg, how do you know I'm coming?" Rona looked at Greg in surprise. At the same time, she pulled Omar up and ran towards Greg quickly.

The weird atmosphere at the airport suddenly became tense because of Rona's shout. Countless people around reached out their arms at the same time and quickly approached in the direction of Greg and Rona.

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