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   Chapter 832 We Are Going Abroad (Part Two)

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"I'm afraid I can't. Alice contacted with Greg directly. All my men listen to him." Korn said with embarrassment.

Chris's eyes widened. "You can't even do this. Why are you looking for me?"

Korn shivered with fear and said fawningly, "How about this? I..."

After listening to Korn's words, Chris nodded with satisfaction and said with a ferocious smile, "You are really a bad guy. How could Greg keep you stay by his side? But if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gotten Golden Eagle Group so easily and wouldn't have killed him. Well, I'll give you fifty million dollars after it's done, and you can live the rest of your life happily. "

"Thank you, Mr. Chris. I'll go back first." Korn left the villa.

An assistant came to Chris and asked, "Mr. Chris, are you really going to give that guy fifty million dollars?"

Chris smiled deeply. "Do you think it's a good deal to exchange fifty million dollars for Golden Eagle Group?"

"Yes, sir." The assistant nodded.

"But fifty million dollars is enough for me to play with countless beauties. It's a pity to give it to that guy. After everything is done, you just kill him." Chris said indifferently, as if what he was talking about was not a person's life, but a bug's death.

Since Rona was driven out of the hospital a few days ago, she hadn't seen Greg in the company these days. She couldn't get in touch with Greg even though she called him. She was so angry that she was almost driven crazy. She had to know where he was as soon as possible.

Her phone rang. She took a look at the number and answered it quickly. "How is it going?"

After a while, Rona put down the phone and smiled. Leona didn't lie to her. As expected, Greg had gone to Europe. It seemed that she should set out now.

"Omar, pack up. We're going abroad." Rona shouted to the outside room. She was determined to be Mrs. Wei this time. Even if Greg wanted to say

three of you to leave Europe for Australia. You will be safe there."

"Well... I can't accept it. " Anthen held the card in his hand and trembled. It was easy to add fuel to the fire, but difficult to offer timely help. It was rare that Greg was willing to give him so much money at this time, so he really didn't know what to say.

"Please take it. This is what I promised Alice. I hope you can live a better life in Australia. The money is enough to open a small company." Greg said with a smile.

"Thank you." Anthen finally put the card into his pocket. Although he didn't ask, he knew that his daughter must have reached an agreement with Greg. Perhaps it had something to do with Ninth-refined Ring mentioned by his daughter the other day.

Greg dialed Alice's number again, "Your parents have been rescued, and I've given the money to your father. You can talk to him if you don't believe me." As he spoke, Greg handed the phone to Anthen.

"Alice, I'm Daddy..." After confirming with his daughter, Anthen returned the phone to Greg. Greg said, "You should rest assured now, right? I will take your parents to wait for you at the airport tonight. I hope you can keep your promise. "

"Okay, see you at the airport tonight." Alice's voice came from inside.

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