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   Chapter 830 Fickle In Love (Part Two)

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"It's done. The two poker faces won't stop you anymore." Leona stuck out her tongue naughtily.

Looking at her like this, Greg should be kind to her, shouldn't he? In this way, he could rest assured.

"That woman... What is Greg going to do with it? " After hesitating for a long time, York decided to ask.

Lowering her head, Leona stirred the coffee in front of her without saying anything. After a while, she smiled and said, "That's none of my business, isn't it? As long as Eden can get well, I'll be fine. I don't care about anything else."

"Okay, but if you have any difficulty, remember to come to me at any time." York said reluctantly.

"Yes, I will. How are you and Janie doing now?" This had always been a matter of great concern to Leona. She didn't want any gaps between them because of her relationship.

"Well, that's it." York smiled indifferently. His wife was just a title to him. He was not broad-minded enough to accommodate only one person.

"You should care more about her..." Leona chattered.

York smiled helplessly, "You look like a housekeeper now."

As soon as Greg and Wayne arrived at the Castle of Jordon, Wyatt reported what had happened in detail these days. Frowning, he asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Wyatt lowered his head again and said, "I thought we shouldn't bother Mr. Greg with such a little thing. I didn't expect that we haven't found the missing thing yet. Please punish us, Mr. Greg."

"It's not the right time to talk about this. I'll go to grandpa's study first," said Greg, waving his hand. He had to make sure if it was Ninth-Refined Ring which had lost. Only his grandfather and he knew the password.

He quickly came to the study and opened the safe. Sure enough, Ninth-Refined Ring had disappeared. In addition, there were some other jewelry.

Greg frowned again. Ninth-Refined Ring had lost. This was what his grandfather valued most, and it was his promise to his grandmother. He couldn't let his grandfather know about it for the

s even greater than that for Greg.

"Eden stays at home and didn't come back," Greg thought for a while and had to tell Howard, which was also a problem he was worried about.

His grandfather liked Eden but didn't like Leona. If his grandfather asked him to bring Eden here, Leona would be very sad, which made him in a dilemma.

Sure enough, Howard's eyebrows suddenly raised. "Why don't you bring Eden back? You really care about that woman. What's good about her? She doesn't deserve you at all. How can the descendants of the Wei family be exiled outside? I order you to bring Eden back right now. "

Greg didn't expect that his grandfather would be so agitated. He wanted to say. "What's good about my grandmother? You haven't gotten married again?" But he didn't dare to say that. His grandfather was so weak that he couldn't bear any stimulation.

"I will bring Eden here as soon as possible. But he is still in hospital for observation, so I let him stay at home." Greg had no choice but to stall.

"Still observing?" Frowning, Howard] recalled that Eden was injured before. He asked anxiously, "Haven't those experts cured him yet?"

Greg smiled bitterly. How could leukemia be cured so easily? Moreover, Eden had rare blood type. Now he could only count on Leona to get pregnant again, although the chance was very low...

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