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   Chapter 829 Fickle In Love (Part One)

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The two bodyguards still looked at Leona expressionlessly. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wei. This is Mr. Greg's order. We can't disobey him. Please go out with us."

Glaring at the two poker faces, Leona was so angry that it was definitely an insult. They only listened to Greg, which made her angry but had no choice. So she stood in front of York and looked at the two bodyguards and said, "Okay, I'll see how you can let him out."

"Mrs. Wei, please don't make things difficult for us." The two bodyguards looked at each other and said. Of course they could force Leona away, but it would inevitably touch her body. Mr. Wei cherished this lady very much. If Mr. Wei knew it, they would definitely come to a miserable end.

"I've told you not to call me Mrs. Wei." Leona shouted again, but the two bodyguards didn't seem to hear it at all, which made her feel helpless.

Standing behind Leona, York said with a long face, "Leona, don't be embarrassed." As a man, he didn't want to hide behind a woman, which would make him feel more humiliated.

"It doesn't matter, York. Let me see what they can do." Leona also fought with these two bodyguards. If they had the ability, they could tell Greg. Anyway, Greg was not at home now.

"Mrs. Wei, don't push us." One of the bodyguards said with embarrassment.

"Well, I will force you today, okay? Unless you go out now and don't stop my friends in the future, there is no discussion. " Said Leona in a tough tone. She believed that she could deal with these two poker faces.

"Mr. York, this is the ward. We don't want to hurt Mr. Eden and Mrs. Wei. Please don't make things difficult for us." The two bodyguards had no choice. Not only was Leona in the way, but Eden was still in the arms of that man. If they really moved, they were afraid that they would hurt Eden.

Although they were polite, they were also driving people away. York had never been insul

ker faces outside the ward not to stop him from coming to the hospital in the future? If you don't have time to accompany Eden, why don't you allow others to see him? Otherwise, I'll go out to see York. You can make your own choice. " Without flinching back, Leona insisted.

"Okay, I'll tell Toby and Tom that I won't stop York from coming to the hospital in the future. You'd better behave yourself. If I know..." Greg had no choice but to compromise. He couldn't restrict the action of Leona. It was better to let York go to the hospital than to let her stay with him outside. At least they wouldn't do anything there.

"I know. Do you think everyone has two choice like you? I and York are good friends. We are very pure. We won't do anything at all. " Leona hung up the phone angrily.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Greg muttered. In fact, he also knew that it was impossible for Leona to do anything to York, or they would be together in the five years when he and Leona have been separated from each other.

Especially at this moment, it was impossible for Leona to be with another man, but he just felt uncomfortable.

"Mr. Wei, it's time for us to go." Wayne reminded him.

"Okay, let's go." Taking a look at the time, Greg strode out.

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