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   Chapter 828 Get Out Now (Part Two)

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When Leona was about to turn around and enter the ward, she was surprised to see York standing in the distance. Then she came to her senses and greeted him with a smile, "When did you come, York?"

In fact, York had been here since Rona came. Since he saw the condition of Leona and Eden last time, he had been worried about them.

He couldn't help but come here to have a look today. Just like Rona, he thought that Greg would be in the ward, so he didn't come. It was not that he was afraid of Greg, but that he didn't want to put Leona in a dilemma between the two of them.

When he saw Rona catch Leona like a lunatic, he wanted to stand out, but the two bodyguards made a move, so York didn't move.

He didn't want to cause any trouble to Leona. He just wanted to take a look at her from a distance, but he couldn't help but stand out in the end.

"I just arrived. I want to see Eden." 'And you.' But he didn't finish his sentence.

"Then come in quickly. It just so happens that Eden said his godfather didn't keep his promise and didn't come to see him," said Leona enthusiastically.

"Does Eden miss me?" A smile appeared on York's face. He had a deep relationship with Eden, and treated Eden as his own son. He was very happy to hear that Eden missed him, so he walked forward.

"Of course. Since you left that day, he has been talking about you all the time. He is afraid that you are lying to him." Said Leona ironically.

"How could I lie to him? I miss him too. If I hadn't been so busy recently, I would have come earlier. " York didn't say that he was worried about meeting with Greg. He didn't want to mention the man who made him unhappy at this time.

Looking behind him, Leona asked worriedly, "Didn't Janie come with you?" She really didn't want Janie to misunderstand York because of her.

"No. She has been pregnant fo

rkened at York's words, but then he smiled and nodded heavily. "Okay, I'll be obedient."

"What are you two talking about? Why are you so mysterious?" Leona approached them and looked at them.

York and Eden looked at each other with a tacit smile. Then they said to Leona at the same time, "It's a secret between men. I can't tell you."

Leona made a face at them and said, "Come and have some fruit." Then she put the two peeled apples in the hands of York and Eden respectively.

The door of the ward was suddenly opened. Two bodyguards looked at York who was sitting inside and said, "Sir, please go out."

Frowning, Leona asked, "Why did you kick my friend out?"

The two bodyguards said expressionlessly, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wei. This is Mr. Greg's request."

York's face darkened. This Greg had gone too far. He asked the bodyguards not to let him in. York wanted to see what they could do to him.

Before York could say anything, Leona interrupted him, "I have the final say here. He is my friend. You have no right to let him go, even if Greg is here. And I have to remind you not to call me Mrs. Wei. Have you seen that woman just now? She likes to listen to you. You can call her Mrs. Wei. Now, get out of here. "

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