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   Chapter 825 A Call From Abroad (Part One)

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For the next week, Greg had been obsessed with Leona all day long. Except for the usual working hours, as long as he left the company, his phone would be turned off directly. Therefore, he specially bought a mobile phone, and only Leona, Wayne and Lina knew the number. He also told Wayne not to call him unless there was something important.

During this week, he tried his best to hide from Rona. He couldn't see her unless she was in the company. Even if there was something wrong, he would call Jean and Levi in.

Because of this, Rona became more irritable. Every night she went back, she would vent her anger on Omar. "It's all your fault. Greg doesn't like you. Why don't you take the initiative to please him? As long as he is willing to accept you, we will have nothing to worry about in the rest of our lives. "

In the face of his mother's anger, Omar could only hide in the corner timidly and dare not make a sound, fearing that he would make his mother angry again. There were many scars on his body, which were caused by Rona when she was angry, of course, only in those invisible places.

"Fuck off! It's all your fault. I'm so upset to see you. Stay away from me." Rona roared again.

Omar stood in front of her and said timidly, "Mommy, I will make a lot of money when I grow up and let Mommy live a good life. Don't be angry, okay?"

"Humph, wait for you to grow up? What can you do? You will only drag me down. Get out. " With a roar of Rona, she pushed Omar to sit on the ground, and then left the apartment, leaving Omar alone.

In the bar, Joe held the paternity test report of Greg and frowned. It clearly showed that Greg and Omar had a ninety-eight percent similarity in their DNA, and they were confirmed to be father and son.

Now the baby was also Greg's. What about Eden and Leona? He knew what Greg meant. He wouldn't leave Rona and the child alone.

Greg came to Joe and sat down next to

subordinates standing there dejectedly. It had been many days, but there was still no trace of the international thief called Rose. He couldn't put it off any longer.

Now the Lord had woken up, but he was still very weak. He didn't dare to irritate Howard with this matter, so he could only report it to Mr. Greg.

Early in the morning, Greg woke up from a ringing phone. He rubbed his throbbing temples. He drank too much last night, so he grabbed his phone and found it was a long-distance call from Europe.

Greg, who was still in a daze, suddenly came to his senses and quickly answered the phone, "This is Greg."

A middle-aged man's voice came through the phone, "Mr. Greg, I'm Wyatt. The Lord has woken up."

Hearing that his grandfather finally woke up, Greg shouted excitedly, "Grandpa finally wakes up? Great! I'll book a ticket to Europe right away. "

"There is one more thing..." Wyatt hurriedly reported the theft of the old castle.

Hearing the other party's words, Greg frowned. Wyatt told the whole story in detail to Greg, "Mr. Greg, it's all because of my dereliction of duty. If I hadn't investigated the background of Rose clearly, such a thing wouldn't have happened. After Greg comes back, I'm willing to take all the responsibilities. I'm sorry…"

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