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   Chapter 824 Have A Paternity Test (Part Two)

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At this time, Greg came in. Seeing that Leona had woken up, he came over, held her in his arms and gently kissed her on the forehead. He said in a soft voice, "Why don't you eat the food I asked someone to buy for you? Don't you like this restaurant best?"

He still remembered which restaurant she liked to eat? Leona shook her head, "No."

With a straight face, Greg deliberately scolded her, "Even if you can't eat, you should eat. How can you have physical strength if you don't eat? And you've lost a lot of weight recently. I feel it uncomfortable to touch you. "

His words successfully made Leona blush. She turned around and was about to sit at the table. She picked up the chopsticks and was about to eat, but Greg grabbed her chopsticks.

"It's cold. Let's go out to eat." Without waiting for the consent of Leona, he pulled her out.

"I want to change my clothes." Leona was still wearing household clothes. How could she go out and see someone like this?

But Greg turned around and smiled, "You don't need to change. I'll take you to buy clothes."

"But there are still many clothes in the room that I haven't worn." Leona protested. Greg was never stingy on this. Every season, there were special people to send the latest season fashion of various brands to her home, and her wardrobe almost was full.

"But I haven't taken you to buy clothes in person." Greg didn't listen to Leona at all, which was their usual way of getting along with each other.

Today, it suddenly occurred to him that they had never dated like ordinary couples. Yesterday, when he passed by the planning department, he heard from the male subordinates that it was the most troublesome thing for them to go shopping with their girlfriends. They would usually go shopping for a whole day without feeling tired at all.

All of a sudden, it inspired Greg. He wanted to take good care of her, but he didn't know what to do. Since women liked to go shopping with their boyfriends, he would accompany with her to go shopping.


d never go to change."

Seeing that she was really tired, Greg looked at the shop assistant and said, "Pack up all the things that she has tried on." Then he took out the black card and handed it to the salesperson.

Next to him, there was a whole hanger of clothes that he was going to give her. Looking at his rich face, Leona said, "Greg, there are too many. I can't wear them all even if I wear them day by day. I don't need to buy so many."

"I like it." Greg smiled indifferently. It was natural for his woman to spend his money. Then he told the shop assistant the address and asked her to send them to the villa.

"Where else do you want to go? How about we go shopping in the jewelry store? " Looking at the tired Leona, Greg asked with interest.

"No." Leona refused without hesitation. He had tortured her the whole morning, and now she had tried on the clothes for so long. She was not tired at all.

"Then go to the cinema?"


"Go to a concert?"



"I'm hungry." It was already two o'clock in the afternoon, and Leona hadn't had breakfast yet. She was so hungry.

"Okay, let's go to have dinner." Surprisingly, Greg cooperated and pulled her out.

"What a happy woman! If only I could have so many rich and handsome husband!" The shop assistant said enviously as she watched the couple leave.

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