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   Chapter 823 Have A Paternity Test (Part One)

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Half an hour later, the door was opened. Hearing it, Rona immediately went out. She didn't wear heavy makeup as usual today, but wore light makeup, so light that could be seen, and she looked morbid.

Greg walked in in a hurry and looked at Rona's pale face, "Rona, what's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?"

Rona shook her head and said dejectedly, "No, I just want you to accompany us to the hospital. We don't need to bother you with such a trifle, but I want to take Omar to do a paternity test with you. We can't do it if you don't go."

Greg's heart skipped a beat. How could she know that he doubted Omar's identity? Although he knew that he shouldn't think so, the feeling he felt to Omar was not as the same as he felt to Eden.

Sometimes, blood relationship couldn't deceive people. When he looked at Eden for the first time, a strange feeling arose in his heart. He really wanted to love him well and wanted to give him all the best things in the world, but he didn't have this feeling for Omar. Maybe he was not familiar with Omar?

He had planned to secretly take a hair of Omar and have a paternity test according to what Joe said, but now Rona took the initiative to say it, which made him feel ashamed.

They used to love each other so much and trust each other so much. When did he become so suspicious?

"I don't think it's a good idea." Taking a look at Rona, who looked gloomy, and then at the little boy next to her who looked a little scared, Greg thought, "Once he goes, it means that he doesn't believe them. Will it make them feel uncomfortable?"

"No, Greg, don't worry. I'm not uncomfortable at all. It's important to confirm Omar's identity, so that we won't have a gap in our hearts in the future." Rona insisted.

Seeing that, Greg didn't know what to say. He could only nod, "Okay."

"Wait for a moment. I'll take Omar to get changed." Rona said as she led Omar into the room where Eden had been.


hat the child was afraid of her.

But she couldn't lose her temper with the presence of Greg. For the first time, she smiled kindly like a mother and said to Omar, "You can say whatever you want to eat, and Daddy will promise you."

"Then... Can I have hotpot? " Omar said in a low voice. He used to live abroad and ate fast food every day. He heard that the hot pot in China was very delicious, and he also wanted to eat it, but he didn't dare to tell his mother.

"Sure enough, you are mother and son. Well, let's go to eat hot pot today." With a smile, Greg took Omar's hand and walked towards his car.

It was already afternoon when Leona woke up. She struggled to get up and felt sore all over her body. Greg was like a beast that had been hungry for several days and was about to tear her apart. She was really confused. He had another woman by his side. How could he be so energetic?

After taking a shower, she came downstairs. There was a delicate meal on the table, which was sent from her favorite restaurant. She knew that it was bought specially by the man which sent by Greg, but she really had no appetite to eat it now.

The sound of car engine came from the yard. Judging from the sound, she knew that it was Greg. Didn't he go to Rona's house? Why did he come back so soon?

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