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   Chapter 820 Meeting York (Part Two)

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"What are you going to do now?" York asked worriedly. Of course he knew that Leona would be with Greg again for the sake of Eden. But the problem was that it was unfair and cruel to her.

With a bitter smile, Leona said, "What else can I do? You know how important Eden is to me. "

York nodded. Although he felt sad for her decision, she had no choice. Now he only hated why he was not Eden's biological father?

If that was the case, Leona would be with him, and he would not let her suffer so much. He regretted very much that if he was not a gentleman at that time, he would have been with her earlier...

Then York shook his head. He couldn't do anything she didn't want. This was the difference between him and Greg.

"That's good. Although the doctor said there's still hope, it's not completely impossible. As long as you are pregnant, you can save Eden. If you need anything, just come to me. I will help you no matter what happens. " York said earnestly.

"Thank you, York. I know you are good to me, but I'm really sorry." Lowering her head, Leona stirred the lemonade in the quilt. She couldn't repay York's love for the rest of her life.

York put his hand on Leona's hands and looked at Leona with tenderness. "Never say thank you to me, and I didn't do it for you."

Leona looked at York in surprise, not for her?

York smiled and said, "Have you forgotten? I had a deal with you on the day when I got married. My daughter will marry Eden when she grows up. I don't want my daughter to be a widow before she is born. "

Hearing that, Leona smiled gratefully. Of course she knew that York said that just to make her feel better, so she cooperated, "How do you know that you must have a daughter? What if it's a boy? "

"If it's a boy, they can be brothers, and then I can have another child. I mu

on't care about your wife. Then I'll make your company go bankrupt again." Greg was not a coward. He could defeat York before, and now he could.

"It's not sure who will go bankrupt. Do you think Wei International Trade Company is still a listed company now? And Will Group has been acquired. I really doubt how you can make me go bankrupt. " York said casually. Although Greg had stolen the reconstruction of the financial building a few days ago, his company was supported by Golden Eagle Group, and he didn't care about these one or two small cases at all.

Greg smiled mysteriously, "You'll know soon."

"I'll wait and see how you trip me up. Don't go bankrupt by then. In that case, you won't be able to keep Leona. I'm ready to take her back at any time." York was also pissed off by Greg.

"You..." Greg continued.

"That's enough. Stop arguing. Thank you for your kindness, York. We'll talk about it later." Leona was about to leave.

Greg glared at Leona, "How dare you meet him again? Believe it or not... "

However, at this time, Leona tried her best to shake off his hand that was holding her and strode outside. Greg was so angry that he ignored York and quickly followed Leona out of here!

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