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   Chapter 818 It's Hard To Make A Choice (Part Two)

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"Go back? Where should I go? " He didn't want to go to Rona's house. He was the only in the villa, and he was more reluctant to go back alone.

Greg didn't know what was wrong with him. He was afraid of going back to face the empty room. He had never been like this before.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. You can go back early." Greg waved his hand indifferently, indicating that Joe didn't need to pay attention to him. Then he got on the car, turned the steering wheel and left the bar.

It was almost three o'clock in the morning, and the noisy city became quiet. The night life was almost over, but he was still not sleepy at all.

He drove aimlessly on the street. If anyone knew that the president of Wei International Trade Company had nowhere to go, they would probably feel shocked?

He arrived at the hospital again. He suddenly missed the feeling of holding Leona. Without hesitation, he parked the car and walked into the hospital.

Leona tossed and turned in the ward. She was worried about what would happen if Greg competed with her for the custody of Eden? Unconsciously, she fell asleep. When she was half-asleep and half-awake, a pungent smell of alcohol overwhelmed her. An arm crossed over and peremptorily held her in his arms.

"What? Who are you? " Leona cried out in shock. This was a hospital. Who on earth dared to break in late at night? Where were the bodyguards?

"Stop shouting. It's me." A familiar voice came from behind, mixed with a strong smell of alcohol. When his warm breath blew on her face, Leona felt a little relieved.

But then she struggled hard. What did he come here for in the middle of the night? What's more, she didn't think it was suitable for them to have such a contact with each other in their current situation. She said in a low voice, "What are you doing here, Greg? Leave here as soon as possible."

"No." Behind Leona, Greg refused without mercy. Only one s

just pushed the door open and came in for a routine examination. While doing so, Leona asked, "Joe, can Eden go out for a walk?"

Joe frowned, thought for a while and said, "Let's go out and talk."

After Leona left the ward with Joe, Joe said, "Eden is not in a good condition recently. I think you should find a way as soon as possible. He can go out for a walk, but you can't leave the hospital."

Hearing that, Leona's heart sank. Did Eden get worse again?

"Joe, can't you think of other ways?"

"I will also work out a plan as soon as possible, but on the premise of having the same placenta. You know that. " Joe said awkwardly.

"All right." Said Leona sadly. It seemed that she had to make a choice. She knew that Greg wouldn't give up the custody easily, which he had said yesterday.

As long as she could successfully get pregnant and save Eden's life, she would go all out even if she was not allowed to see the baby. After all, everything was insignificant in front of Eden's life.

"Then I'll take Eden out for a walk." After saying that, Leona turned around and went back to the ward.

Joe looked at her back which showed too much sadness. "Greg, I can only help you so much. The rest depends on whether you can grasp it or not." Joe said to himself.

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