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   Chapter 816 A Son Suddenly Appeared (Part Two)

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Then she poured two glasses of wine and said, "Cheers." Rona's eyes sparkled under the candlelight.

When the two of them almost finished eating, Rona's face turned red because of the red wine, which made her more charming in the candlelight.

"Greg, I went to see Leona today." Rona said softly.

Greg's face darkened when he heard what Rona said. "Why did you go to see her?"

"I just want to confirm your relationship. Greg, I didn't mean anything else. Although we had a good relationship before, you have been together for many years, and I am a little uncertain. If you really love eac

the time when he knew Eden. At that time, he was shocked, but he could not deny the excitement in his heart. At the thought that the little girl's body was flowing his blood, the excitement could not be expressed.

But he didn't have that feeling for the child now, but he couldn't doubt Rona's words. After all, she had suffered so much for him, and there was no reason for her to deceive him.

"Greg, what's wrong with you? Don't you look forward to our baby? " Rona looked at Greg worriedly. Unlike Eden, Omar was a healthy child. Greg should be very happy, but why did he look like this?

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