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   Chapter 815 A Son Suddenly Appeared (Part One)

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Leona chuckled. She had never seen such a woman. Why should she ask her to leave?

Ignoring the mocking smile on Leona's face, Rona continued, "You must think that I'm just a mistress. Why should I let you leave here? As a matter of fact, you are the third person between me and Greg. Haven't you read the reports? I've been in love with Greg for eleven years. I hope you can give him back to me. And I said I would make it up to you. I'll keep my word. "

With a sneer, Leona said, "Don't you think you have found the wrong person? If Greg is willing to be with you, you don't need to care about me at all, do you? On the contrary, if he doesn't want to have anything to do with you, it's useless for you to find me. As for the money, don't you think it's ridiculous? According to your logic, I have more money if I don't leave Greg? His business talent will definitely make much money. "

Although Leona didn't want to have anything to do with Greg anymore, she still fought back instinctively in the face of Rona's rude request.

Rona was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect that Leona was so eloquent, but then she felt relieved. After all, she had once run such a big company as Wei International Trade Company. How could it be possible for her not to have any talent and eloquence?

With a sad look on her face, Rona turned around, took out a case from her bag and pushed it in front of Leona. "This is the reason why I left Greg."

Looking at the word "diagnosed with cancer" on the paper, Leona couldn't help but feel nervous. As a woman, she thought that she might also feel the despair of Rona at that time.

"I fell in love with Greg at the first sight eleven years ago..." Rona slowly told Leona what had happened between her and Greg, especially when she knew that she had an incurable disease.

"Miss Leona, I know I'm asking too much. After all, you've already had a child with hi

getting the affirmative reply of Greg, Rona left the cafe happily and turned to the apartment.

Soon it was evening. Rona decorated the room warmly. On the table, there were Greg's favorite dishes, such as goose liver paste, western cold steak, baked snails with salt, etc., which were specially ordered from a French restaurant.

There were still three candles on the silver candlesticks. Beside them, a bottle of Lafite, which had been poured into the glass container to sober up. Everything was ready, waiting for Greg to come.

After that, there was a sound of door opening. Rona specially changed into a fiery red short skirt and ran to greet Greg.

"Greg, you're finally here." As soon as Greg entered the room, Rona held him in her arms and kissed him. Then she pulled Greg to the table.

She lit the candles on the table and turned off all the lights in the room. With the piano music and warm candlelight, the atmosphere suddenly became romantic.

"Why is it so grand today? Is it an important day? " Greg asked in surprise as he saw what Rona had done.

"Shh, try this goose liver paste first. I have tasted it in that French restaurant before. It's very authentic." As Rona spoke, she scooped up a spoonful of soup and put it to the mouth of Greg.

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