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   Chapter 761 I Didn't Do Anything Good (Part One)

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Noticing that Greg was looking at her, Leona pretended not to see it and looked out of the window.

Although she had decided to get back together with Greg, the date he had with the woman in red last night was still bothering her. She wanted to ask but couldn't ask. After all, she was not his woman. How could she question him?

Greg had planned to make up with Leona today, but when he saw her back with refusal, his good mood disappeared all of a sudden.

He came here out of kindness to help her get rid of those entertainment reporters, but she didn't appreciate it at all. If he had known it earlier, why did he come here and embarrass himself?

The phone vibrated in his pocket. Greg took it out and saw it was a call from Rona. He looked at Leona subconsciously and saw that she still didn't turn around. Greg took the phone and walked to the door. "Hello!"

"Greg, we agreed yesterday that I would go to work today. When will you pick me up? Or shall I go to the company directly?" Rona's coquettish voice came through the phone.

Looking at the back of Leona again, Greg said in a low voice, "no, I'm free now. I'll pick you up!" He didn't know why he had a feeling that he was cheating on his wife behind her back. Then he shook his head and shook off this feeling.

He and Rona were normal friends. Although they had a relationship, everyone had a few relationships before. Didn't she also have a relationship with York? Rona had done so much for him, and it was her duty to take care of her.

After hanging up the phone, Greg turned to Eden and said with a smile, "Eden, daddy is going to the company. You have to be obedient, okay? Daddy will come to see you after work!"

"Okay." Eden agreed obediently.

Then, Greg looked at Lina and said, "Lina, please take good care of here. Call me if anything happens. I'll handle it!"

"Yes, sir!"

Greg looked at Leona again, but she

t along with each other many years ago. At that time, Rona also hated him to smoke. Every time she saw him, she would pull out his cigarette habitually. She hadn't changed for so many years.

In fact, he would only smoke when he was in a bad mood. Just now, because of the cold attitude of Leona, he inexplicably felt angry, as if whatever he did was wrong in her eyes.

"Greg, try my cooking!" Seeing that Greg was not going to eat, Rona put the sandwich to his mouth again and insisted that he should eat it.

"I really don't have the habit of eating breakfast. Okay, I'll eat!" Noticing her insistence, Greg took back the sandwich and took a bite.

"Is it delicious?" Rona asked expectantly.

"Yummy!" In fact, there was no smell at all. Greg didn't want to disappoint her, so he said on purpose.

As soon as Greg took a bite of the sandwich, Rona put it to her mouth and took a small bite of it. She said with satisfaction, "Greg, do you remember how we used to eat sandwiches? I was so happy at that time."

"As long as you are happy!" Greg said perfunctorily. He was not a blockhead and could feel Rona's love. But now he had fallen in love with Leona. It was the past between him and Rona. Maybe he should find an opportunity to make it clear to her.

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