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   Chapter 760 Besieged By Reporters (Part Two)

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It was Toby who called Greg. He knew that he couldn't hold on for long, so he asked Mr. Wei to deal with it. As soon as Greg received the phone call from Toby, he came at the right time.

In fact, before coming here, Greg had been mentally prepared, because he slept in the office last night. After receiving a call from Toby, he was surrounded by a large number of reporters at the entrance of the company and asked.

But Greg ignored them and asked Wayne to drive to the hospital. Seeing that Toby couldn't hold on any longer, he took Wayne here quickly.

"Dear media friends, this is the hospital. The patient needs to rest quietly. Please don't surround here. As for what you want to ask, Mr. Wei will hold a press conference another day to answer your questions. Now please leave!" The one who spoke was not Greg, but his assistant, Wayne.

However, Wayne's obstruction didn't work much. Seeing that Greg was standing in front of them, the reporters naturally couldn't give up this good opportunity. After all, Greg was famous for his mysteries, and it was impossible to interview him in usual.

"Mr. Wei, yesterday in the water world of Rain Club, you said that the child was not yours. Is that true?"

"Mr. Wei, what's your relationship with Miss Ling? Someone said that you had known Miss Ling and Mr. Zhao a few years ago. Who is the third lover between you and Mr. Zhao?"

"Mr. Wei, I heard that Miss Ling and Mr. Zhao were a couple eight years ago when they were in college. It was you who suddenly stepped in and forced Miss Ling to be with you. I remember that on the day of your engagement with Miss Ling's sister, Jasmine, you and Miss Ling were disheveled at the engagement party. Do you still remember these?"

Two or three reporters broke through the siege and stood between the door and Greg, indicating that if Greg didn't answer their questions, they wouldn't do

ing a satisfactory answer, Greg suddenly stood up with a rare smile on his face and said, "Since you have made such a choice, let alone others? Well, that's all for today's interview. I still have to go in to see my future wife, so I won't accompany you. When the press conference is held another day, I will specially invite everyone here!"

As soon as Greg finished his words, he opened the door and was about to enter the room, but he didn't expect it to be locked from inside.

"Lina, open the door!" Greg shouted through the door.

It was not until then that the reporters outside realized what Greg had just said. He said that he wanted to see his future wife. Wasn't that Leona? Was he finally going to make their relationship public and marry that woman? How many girls would be heartbroken?

"Mr. Wei, are you going to get married? Excuse me..." There were also reporters who wanted to rush over, but they were all blocked outside by Wayne and Toby, no matter how hard they tried.

Lina, who had been waiting at the door of the ward, opened the door as soon as she heard the order of Greg. She greeted Greg with a smile, "Mr. Wei, you're finally here!"

"Well, is Eden feeling better?" Although Greg was asking Eden, he was looking at Leona.

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