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   Chapter 664 A Trap (Part Two)

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"Chris, stop it. Do you think I will still trust you so easily after what happened last time? Unless you let go of my mother right away, I will never let you see those shareholders. At the worst, we will fight to the death. It's up to you!"

On the other side of the phone, there was a long silence. Chris's voice slowly came through, "Wayne, you have to think it over. Your mother's life is in my hands. It's only a matter of my words whether she is alive or dead. I advise you not to be impulsive, or you will regret it too soon!"

Wayne's hand holding the phone began to tremble. He was really worried about his mother's safety, but when he saw the determined look in Greg's eyes, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind. "Don't say anything more. In a word, unless you let my mother go first, we won't talk about it." Then he hung up the phone decisively.

Wayne looked at Greg nervously. Success or failure depended on this move. He was betting that Chris was eager to acquire the Will Group.

Greg patted Wayne on the shoulder to comfort him!

"Don't worry, Wayne. The reason why Chris keeps your mother is that he wants to contain you. At present, Will Group and Golden Eagle Group were in a fierce battle. The first release of the green energy plan was enough to break the balance between them. Therefore, at this time, once there was a problem within Will, the green energy plan would be postponed or even miscarried. And I believe that there must be people from Golden Eagle or Chris in Will Group. I believe that they have begun to take action, so Chris will definitely call back."

With the analysis of Greg, Wayne was still very nervous, but he was finally relieved and nodded heavily.

He had been with Greg for nearly ten years. In his mind, Greg was like a God. No

g gently patted Wayne's shoulder and then walked out. He had made an appointment with Janie, and it was almost the time.

As for Wayne, he believed that after this incident, Wayne would not betray him again. This was the so-called "there is no need to doubt people if you want to us them". Since he chose to believe Wayne, he would naturally not doubt Wayne again!

An hour later, Greg appeared at the airport. He bought a ticket to Finland, and then flew to Finland.

Leona followed Janie to the airport. Janie asked Leona to wait in the lounge. After a while, she put a ticket to Oslo in the hands of Leona.

"Janie, what do you mean?" Looking at the ticket in her hand, Leona asked in confusion.

"That's the only way to make Brother York believe you. Leona, if you really want to fulfill my wish, please cooperate with me, okay? Brother York is coming!" Janie was about to cry.

Looking at her sad face and the ticket in her hand, Leona finally sighed and said, "Okay!"

"Thank you, Leona. I want to thank you for my baby!" Janie stepped forward and hugged Leona excitedly.

At this time, York who was in the distance, rushed over. When he saw Leona, he shouted, "Leona..."

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