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   Chapter 662 I'm Pregnant (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-07-23 00:04

Although Leona didn't fully believe it, she didn't think about it more deeply. In this era, such things were not a big deal. Even if something really happened between York and Janie, it was normal.

But now Janie was pregnant, which made things a little complicated!

Janie still didn't look at Leona. She just nodded and said, "You're right. This child is Brother York's. I'm not coming to you for anything. In fact, I've already thought it over. Love can't be forced. I know that from the beginning to the end, Brother York has never had a place for me in his heart. Whether before or after he loses his memories, he only loves you. To be honest, sometimes I really envy you!"

"Janie, I..." Looking at Janie's calm face, Leona didn't know what to say.

Janie just gently waved her hand, revealing a relieved smile, and said, "You don't have to be nervous. I'm jealous of you, but I know that it's not your fault at all. And it's not Brother York's fault. After all, who can say for love? If she could control herself, there wouldn't be so many men and women in the world who were hurt by love. In fact, Brother York loves you very hard. He knows that you don't love him, but he still pays as usual. To a certain extent, I am his shadow. I love him as much as he loves you. No one is right or wrong. It's just that God is making fun of us!"

"Janie, what do you want me to do for you? Just say it. As long as I can, I will do it for you!" Said Leona sincerely.

She had roughly guessed the reason why Janie wanted to see her was that she was still obsessed with York, or Janie wouldn't have found her.

Leona had made up her mind that she would definitely help Janie. After all, Janie was pregnant with the child of York, and she came to England with the

I just don't want you to repeat my mistakes. Even if I beg you, I will give him another chance, okay?"

Janie lowered her head and looked at the table in front of her. A hint of slyness flashed through her eyes. She knew that Leona would say so, or she wouldn't have come all the way to find Leona.

"But in this way, York will think that I'm very thick skinned and have to stick to him. Although I love him very much, I don't want to love him so humbly!" Janie said deliberately.

"How can this be humbleness? You are pregnant with his child. If he didn't want to be with you, why did he make you pregnant? So he must take his responsibility. Don't be afraid, Janie. I'm here with you. I promise I won't let York bully you!" Said Leona indignantly.

She had planned to live with York like this before today, but now that Janie and their child appeared, she would not be the woman who took away their love.

She didn't want Janie and her baby to follow her old path, so she had to help them.

"Follow me to my place first. York will come to have lunch with me at noon. You can take this opportunity to have a talk with him!" Holding Janie's hand, Leona walked out!

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