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   Chapter 658 Full Of Doubts (Part Two)

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"So what if I made them public? You are not in there at all. Your figure is very blurry from beginning to end. You can only see Alice's figure clearly. What are you worried about? Do you really fall in love with that woman?" The low voice of Golden Eagle came through. Although there was no emotional fluctuation, Jackie felt a sense of oppression from the inside out.

Golden Eagle stared at his son with its eagle like grey eyes, as if it was an eagle staring at its prey. Jackie couldn't help but lower his head!

"No, I didn't. I just Because I have promised her not to make it public!" Jackie was forced by his father's imposing manner. He lowered his head and said with hesitation.

In fact, he didn't expect that his father would really expose his photos with Alice. Although he had threatened Alice with these before, he didn't really plan to do so. His father had promised him in person before, but Jackie didn't expect that his father changed his mind temporarily, which made him a little surprised.

"That's good. You should know who you are. If a man wants to achieve something, he can't be as indecisive as a woman. I don't have such a useless son!" Golden Eagle glanced at Jackie and waved his hand, indicating him to leave.

However, after waiting for a long time, Golden Eagle did not hear the sound of footsteps. He raised its head and looked at Jackie in confusion!

"Anything else?"

Seeing the displeasure on Golden Eagle's face, Jackie was shocked. He could tell that his father was unhappy.

Originally, Chris had the upper hand in the competition between him and Chris. In addition, Chris was the son of Golden Eagle's legal wife, and the outside world also knew his identity. Now the situation was very disadvantageous for him.

If he wanted to have a place in Golden Eagle Group in the future, he had to behave well in front of his fathe

hotos to her.

Jackie stared at Alice's window blankly. All of a sudden, a figure that had been haunting him for the past few days appeared there. Jackie rubbed his eyes in disbelief and saw Alice standing there with a mobile phone and looking at him.

Jackie's heart thumped wildly. How could she know he was here? All of a sudden, his phone rang. Jackie picked it up and found it was from Alice!

She picked up the phone immediately and said excitedly in a hoarse voice, "Alice!"

"You finally answered my phone." Alice stood by the window and asked angrily.

There was a short pause on the phone. Alice said angrily, "what's wrong? Did you dare not admit it? Jackie, didn't you promise me clearly that as long as I give you the plan of protecting the environment and energy, you won't expose those videos? How can you break your promise?"

At the end of her words, Alice's voice suddenly rose and became sharp!

"Alice!" After a short silence, Jackie finally said, "I promised you before, but what you gave me was not a complete plan, so our previous agreement naturally did not count. You can't blame me for that!"

"Then why are you here again? Do you want to laugh at me? If so, you can have what you want!" Alice said angrily!

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