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   Chapter 657 Full Of Doubts (Part One)

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Frowning, Greg sat in his office. On the computer placed in front of him, a group of data appeared, all of which was the trend chart of the stock price of Will Group recently.

Since the engagement with Alice was cancelled at the wedding that day, the stock of both Will Group and Hanson Group began to fall. Although Will Group was powerful, it would soon face an awkward situation if it continued to fall.

Recently, a lot of people on the board of directors began to pay attention to this matter, especially Alec Zhang, who had always been eyeing it. Now he was watching Greg closely.

At that time, Howard's health was getting worse and worse. If it weren't for the appearance of Greg halfway, how could it be possible for Greg to be the Will Group's CEO?

But it didn't matter even if Greg took this position now. Alec had been working in Will Group for decades and had established a huge network here. It was not easy for Greg to take this position.

Besides, since the wedding of Greg and Alice was cancelled, Golden Eagle Group suddenly announced a green energy plan. Now, the two companies, which were at odds, were even at loggerheads.

As far as Greg knew, the green energy project of the other party was basically the same as that of Will Group.

Of course, all this was expected by Greg, because he deliberately revealed the plan to Alice. But as time went by, the expected news that Golden Eagle Group had to stop production because of the lack of the last plan had never been heard.

Greg had sent someone to inquire about it before, but found that Golden Eagle Group was still busy with production, which was very strange.

There was a knock on the door. Wayne came in with a stack of documents in his hand. He put it in front of Greg and said, "according to reliable information, the later production plan has been obtained from Golden Eagle. Now they are even faster t

us daughter. After all, the scandals of the Hanson Group and Alice had spread all over the streets and lanes. He was worried that his daughter couldn't bear the pressure of these public opinions, so he locked her up.

At the same time, he was angry, which was a punishment for her.

Although Alice didn't go out, it didn't mean that she didn't know the rumors outside. She surfed the Internet every day with her mobile phone, and the curses about her on the Internet made her more furious.

It was all Jackie's fault. He had promised not to make those things public, but she didn't expect that he was such a person with no credibility. It was all her fault to believe him. After this incident was over, she would definitely find that guy to settle accounts.

In the Golden Eagle Group, Jackie was standing in the president's office. In front of him was his father Golden Eagle, the president of Golden Eagle Group.

Jackie frowned and lowered his head. "Father, didn't you promise me not to expose those photos? I'm afraid it's not good for you to do so!"

Golden Eagle didn't even raise its head. He was still buried in the mountain of documents, as if it had turned a deaf ear to Jackie's words!

"Father..." Jackie couldn't help but call him again.

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