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   Chapter 650 Mountain Climbing (Part Two)

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Greg breathed a sigh of relief. That's great. Alas, he was right. As a father, he was really not qualified. His son was angry, and his temper was even worse. He could not coax his son at all, and he had to rely on his grandfather to do everything.

"Tomorrow, you take him out to play. Don't always leave the child at home, and don't always let the servants take care of him. He's better be with his father." Howard then began to tell Greg how to take care of the child. But Howard didn't remember how he took care of his own child.

Greg kept nodding and memorized every word Howard said. He read it over and over again before swallowing it.

His relationship with his son was too stiff, and he also urgently needed a way to ease the conflict.

On the second day, Greg put on his sportswear and went into Eden's room. He still remembered that he had secretly read Eden's diary a few days ago. In the diary, he had seen Eden say that he wanted to climb the mountain. It happened that he also wanted to go climbing these days to exercise his muscles and bones that hadn't been cut for many years.

"Little Eden, how about I take you to climb the mountain?" Greg said in a shameless voice all his life.

Eden had already woken up. After hearing the sound of door opening, he lay there, pretending to be asleep. Later, when Greg said that he was going to climb the mountain, Eden was so excited that he immediately sat up. But then he remembered that he was still in a cold war with them, so he turned around and lied back.

Greg knew that Eden wanted to climb the mountain, but he went back because of the cold war. Greg walked to Eden and pulled him up.

"Eden, listen to me carefully. I'm going to take you out to climb the mountain now. If you dare to ignore me again, I'll peel off your coat!" Before entering the room, Greg had planned to be harmonious and intimate a

time came, he would not be afraid that someone would separate him from his mother!

Along the way, the two of them had sweated a lot, stopped for many times, and met many people who were quit halfway. During this process, Eden also said that he would give up. Greg said nothing but looked at the top of the mountain with a firm look. Eden was also affected by the firmness in his eyes, so he only shouted once and stopped shouting.

When the tallest tree on the top of the mountain was getting closer and closer to them, they also stood higher and higher. Eden gradually felt the feeling of standing at a high place. Although it was not cold at a high place, he could see the small mountains. It was precisely because of the height that one can see a bottom. High and low corresponded. There were two sides to everything in the world. There were many people in high positions, and there were also many people in low pools. And Eden wanted to be a person in a high position.

"Da." The two of them finally climbed to the top. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and stood on the high mountain, looking at the large area of green in the distance and faintly visible human path. This was a high mountain, and they were the people in high positions.

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