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   Chapter 647 Being Caught (Part One)

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However, he wanted to see how those people would feel when they waited for him. Because only in this way could he balance the feeling of loneliness because he had no friend.

But this time, the new girl's eyes were full of certainty when she looked at him. He didn't want her attention to disappear completely from him. So, regardless of the housekeeper's dissuasion, he got on the car resolutely.

For Howard, those were the most beautiful time in his life. However, when the flowers bloomed, they were so beautiful, but when they fell, they were so desolate. He would never forget what happened that night

Howard suddenly opened his eyes, unwilling to think about the past.

What happened in the past had gone with the wind. Now it was useless to say anything. When he was young, he lived a walking dead life. Why should his next generation live a happy life? No, that's impossible!

"Take the child away." Howard ordered coldly, turned around and left. His men would handle it well.

Standing in front of Leona and Eden, York looked coldly at the men in black who were walking towards him. Then he turned to Howard and said, "Mr. Wei, this is the street. Are you going to grab the child on the street?"

"Well, Mr. Zhao, you'd better see clearly if there is anyone on the street." The leading man in black sneered.

York was shocked by his words. He looked around and found no one on the street. An ominous premonition was like a vine clinging to his heart. He didn't know what to do at the moment.

"Humph, the Lord has already found something wrong, so he cleared the street half an hour earlier."

"Well, Lord Wei is really powerful that he can control everything." York said coldly. But he was not sure inside. He knew that in Howard's area, many thi

allow Eden to go back with Leona, but why did Howard bring him back?

"Humph, I know you will be softhearted to Leona, so I went to grab the child after you left. Greg, you can't let Eden be with another man. He is your child." Howard said earnestly.

Greg nodded. Well, since the child was brought back, let him stay here. But it was not a good way for the child to cry like this, at such a young age. Then he put down his legs, stood up and went upstairs. He knocked on the door and said, "Eden, come out. Don't cry so easily. Crying won't solve any problem."

"Wow wow wow wow..."

The child in the room ignored him completely.

"Eden, don't cry. Come out, just like a man!" Greg lost his patience. Well, you have guts!

"Wow wow wow wow..."

The child in the room continued to ignore him.

This time, Greg didn't say anything. He just looked at the door quietly.

At this time, Howard moved up step by step. When he saw the silent Greg, he immediately realized that something was wrong. "Greg, don't be impulsive. Impulsive is devil!"

But it was too late.

With a bang, Greg kicked the door open.

Greg quickly opened the door and strode into the room.

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