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   Chapter 646 I Was Young At That Time (Part Two)

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Howard had been living in a cold world all the time. He had been born with wealth that ordinary people did not have. He had everything he wanted. His rational character was cultivated from his experience.

Because he had a richer identity than ordinary people, he had to pay something in his life. For example, he had to lose some happiness and some children's innocence.

But he didn't care at all. As long as he had money, he had everything. This had always been and would be his concept of life.

As for love, in his eyes, it was just a accessories of money. It didn't matter if they didn't love each other, but they couldn't live without money.

Family was also included in this.

His love for his family was just mechanic. He thought he should love you, and he would love you coldly. In this kind of relationship, except for some responsibilities, there is nothing else.

He was used to such kind of life. Sometimes in the quiet night, he would also feel cold, which was a kind of coldness in his heart. He only knew that feeling before, but he didn't know what it was and how it caused it. But today, after hearing all these words from Leona, he finally understood that the coldness was called loneliness.

In fact, what Leona said was just some common statements, and anyone could easily say it. However, few people could really understand it.

[魏宏远] had heard that kind of words countless times before, but today, when Ling [若可] suddenly found it out, he felt so lonely. He only had money in his life, but he had no precious memories.

Wait Memories? Precious memories.

Suddenly a jar of old wine in his mind was now unsealed. The memory, like mellow wine fragrance, lingered in his mind and made him intoxicated.

Everyone would have memories, and everyone would bear them, no exception.

Howard was still young and energetic sev

s usual, he chose to sit with his classmates. However, he was the young master. He liked to let others wait for him, so every time he would make his classmates to wait one more hour, and then suddenly sent a message to tell them that he was not going.

As time went by, the students got used to it. So every time they counted the number of people in the car, they didn't count Howard in. Instead, they asked the driver to drive away.

This time, the girl came to count the people in the car. After counting, she found that Howard was missing, so she said to the driver, "I'm sorry, sir. Please wait a little longer."

"Hey, no one is missing. That guy won't come." Some classmates shouted at the girl.

"No, he said he was coming." The girl looked at the classmate firmly and said, Howard will definitely come back, because he said so when we calculated the number."

There was a burst of laughter in the car.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Well, you don't know him well."

"Sorry, I'm late." Just as everyone was laughing at the naive girl, Howard's voice came from outside. Then, someone in a black suit entered the car. He glanced at the girl, turned around and found a seat to sit down.

In fact, he would come every time.

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