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   Chapter 645 I Was Young At That Time (Part One)

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Hearing that, Leona's face was wet. She looked at Greg and said in a choked voice, "if the mirror is broken, even if we stick it well in the future, there will still be a striking scar on it. Greg, you and I are like that mirror. It's impossible."

Greg closed his eyes in pain. Since he was a child, he would get whatever he wanted. He would never be afraid or regret. Because as long as he wanted, he would do as he wanted. If he wanted a toy, he would get it. If he wanted to throw it away, the toy would disappear. When one day he remembered the good thing of the toy, the toy would return to his hand. He treated things in the same way as he treated people. However, Leona was not.

When he was with Leona, she had taught him a lot.

Since he knew Leona, he knew that it was hard to change what one had done.

Taking a long breath, Greg opened his eyes slowly. He looked at Leona with nostalgia and opened his mouth, "Leona, I wish you happiness." I wish only you happiness.

This was the first time that Leona felt relaxed on Greg. She nodded and said, "thank you. Take care of yourself."

It used to be, and now it is. Leona was in love with Greg. However, no matter how much they loved each other, they could never go back. This was how things were like. You loved someone so much that as long as you opened your mouth, you would get them. But there was an obsession in your heart that was not to own them.

Seeing that Greg left sadly, York let out a long breath. Greg finally left.

"Godfather, daddy has left. You can rest assured." Looking at the back of Greg, Eden turned to York and whispered.

Looking at Eden's delicate face, York pinched him and said, "What are you thinking about every day at such a young age! Godfather doesn't want anything else. It's just that your mot

con eyes flashed a few cold lights from time to time, and he looked at Leona solemnly. "Logically speaking, it's not convenient to deal with things on the street. I should have appeared after Greg left just now, but for the sake of you, I thought for a while and decided to let you stay a little longer. It's about time. You can say goodbye to each other."

"I won't let go of Eden!" Leona caught Eden at once and protected him behind her. She looked at Howard warily and said, "He is my son. He should be with me!"

"Leona, what's wrong with letting Eden be with us? Greg has only one son. From now on, the whole Will Group will belong to him." Said Howard.

"So what if he has the Will Group? No matter how successful a man can be in business, this is not enough. He has lived a happy life, but you don't have a full memory. When you die, you will have nothing but gold and silver jewelry. Before you die, the best thing you think of is only money. How empty will such a life be?" Looking at Howard, Leona said forcefully.

Howard looked at Leona coldly. He had never expected that this weak child in front of him would burst out such a powerful aura. And every word she said was so powerful.

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