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   Chapter 639 Get Married (Part One)

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Chris and Jackie heard clearly. It was the critical moment for Golden Eagle to choose the heir. They had worked so hard for such a long time that they couldn't fail at this time!

After leaving the Golden Eagle Group, Jackie called Alice.

At this time, Alice had already got up and was driving towards Will Group in the car of Greg.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Alice took it out and saw it. She was shocked and couldn't help peeping at Greg. Then she quickly hung up and muted it.

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Greg noticed that there must be something she didn't want him to know from her pale face. 80% of it was related to the e-mail she sent last night, so he asked deliberately.

"Nothing. It's just a crank call!" Alice said casually.

"Who dares to harass you? Give me the phone and I'll solve it!" Greg said on purpose while driving. He wanted to see how she would answer.

"What? No, No. I can handle it myself!" Alice said unnaturally.

Greg ignored her. It didn't take long. They arrived at headquarter of Will Group. There was a meeting about the cooperation between Will Group and Hanson Group today, so it was more convenient to bring Alice here directly.

When no one noticed, Alice sneaked aside and took out her phone to call Jackie!

The phone was quickly picked up. Jackie's voice came from the other end of the line, "why didn't you answer the phone just now?"

"I was busy just now and it was inconvenient for me to answer it. Tell me why you called me. I don't have much time to chat with you in Will Group now!" Alice said crossly.

"The plan you gave me yesterday is not complete, and the most important part is missing. Didn't you give me all the plans?" Jackie questioned on the phone.

"Nonsense. I saw with my own eyes that the plan opened by Greg was complete. Well, I'll check it again. You can hang up now!" After hanging up Jackie's phone, Alice was also lost in thought. That was not the whole pla

that was the case, she should face it calmly.

She nodded and said, "don't worry. I know!"

"Then I'll wait for you outside!" York gently kissed her hair and walked out.

After a short while, Leona had finished tidying up. In front of the mirror, she was wearing a pure white evening dress, without any decorations on it. The neckline was from the front chest to the back waist, and the whole back was exposed.

The long floor length dress revealed her graceful figure without a doubt. She was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes of the same color, which looked simple, generous and grand.

Looking at her hollow back, Leona felt a little awkward. Maybe she should find a shawl to cover it.

At this time, there was a knock on the door. York's voice came, "Leona, are you done?"

Hearing that, Leona walked over to open the door and said, "Well, all right. But my whole back is exposed. I'd better find a shawl!"

York was amazed to see her in this dress. He had bought it for a long time. At the first sight of it, he thought that Leona must be very beautiful in it. It turned out that he was right. This dress was tailor-made for her.

"Leona, you are so beautiful!" Looking at the woman in front of him, York couldn't help but swallow. Noticing his gaffe, he coughed to cover it up.

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