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   Chapter 638 Incomplete Plan (Part Two)

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His golden hair had already turned white. His dark blue eyes were a little sunken, and his thin lips were hooked under the eagle's nose.

Although he looked only sixty years old, in fact, he was already more than 70 years old. Although he looked very thin, he naturally exuded an aura that made people involuntarily lower their heads.

Golden Eagle quickly looked through the plan brought by Jackie. This was the plan of the Will Group on the environment and energy. Once they got it, as long as they could implement this plan in advance, the Will Group would miss the opportunity.

In the business world, every businessman knew the importance of the opportunity. Even if it was only a week earlier, the consequences would be extremely great. At that time, all the contracts would come here.

By the time Will developed it, they had made a fortune.

Jackie stood there in a proper manner. Although there was no expression on his face, he was actually waiting for his father to praise him. Yes, Golden Eagle was his father.

But to the outsiders, Golden Eagle did not admit his son for the time being, because he was just an illegitimate child, and was brought back to the family a few years ago.

It was widely known that Golden Eagle only had one son called Chris. Through this matter, he wanted to let everyone know not only Chris, but also Jackie.

Seeing that his father had turned to the last page, his father didn't show his expected excitement. Besides, he was too calm, which made Jackie feel a little panic. Was there something wrong with this plan?

Then Jackie denied his thought in his heart. He had something on Alice. Tomorrow was her wedding day, and she would never dare to fight with him about it.

Besides, he had checked it carefully before he sent it here, but he didn't find anything wrong.

Golden Eagle closed t


After a while, Chris opened the door and came in!

"Father, what can I do for you?" As Chris spoke, the smile on his face froze when he saw Jackie standing next to him. But in an instant, he changed to a happy smile!

"So Jackie is here too!"

"Well, brother, you are here!" In the face of Chris's enthusiasm, whether it was true or not, at least for the sake of dignity, Jackie naturally understood this point and nodded slightly to greet him!

"You both sit there. I have something to tell you!" At this time, Golden Eagle sitting behind the desk said. The two of them no longer hypocritically sat on the chairs opposite the desk!

"This plan is indeed Will Group's plan of protecting the environment and energy, but it is not a complete plan. The most important part is missing. Now I'm calling you two here to inform you of my final decision. As long as the most crucial part can be obtained and the project can be successfully started, and it is listed before Will, whoever did it will be in charge of the Golden Eagle Group in the future!" Although Golden Eagle didn't say much, it made the two brothers thrilled inside.

At the same time, the two of them were also shocked. How could this not a complete plan?

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