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   Chapter 637 Incomplete Plan (Part One)

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"No, don't do this, York. It's very dangerous. Don't scare me, okay? Come down quickly!" Frightened, Leona looked at York with a pale face. She couldn't imagine what if he couldn't jump over, in that case she would hate herself to death!

At this moment, York's eyes flashed with madness and excitement that she had never seen before. He looked at Leona and insisted on getting her answer. He said, "Leona, you haven't answered me yet. As long as I jump over safely, we can start over, okay?"

Leona had no way back. He was playing with his life. She kept shaking her head and wanted to run to the next room of York to stop him from doing such a crazy thing, but she found that her legs could not move at all. She could only stand there trembling and begging!

"No, don't jump, York. I promise you everything, okay? As long as you don't scare me like that!" Hearing that, Leona's voice trembled. York in front of her was completely different from what he used to be in her mind. He couldn't do such a crazy thing.

York was still unmoved, his eyes flashing with excitement. He liked this feeling. Although the distance of 1.5 meter was not far, it was in the air of more than 100 floors.

The strong wind around almost made him unable to stand still. At this time, he really had a feeling that it was hard to stand on a high place. He didn't know why he was like this, but by instinct, he stared at Leona!

"Leona, promise me!"

Leona saw seriousness in his eyes. At this moment, she finally knew that he was not threatening her, but serious.

In this case, it was impossible for Leona to say no, so she could only stand there in a daze and involuntarily nod!

"Leona, remember what you said today! I'm coming!" After saying that, York took a step forward.

"No..." Frightened, Leona closed her eyes. She couldn't open her eyes to see if he had jumped over. Sh

itable person.

He could marry her and give her a stable family, which was enough for her.

In the past, Greg also said that he would be with her forever, but he never said he loved her or wanted to marry her. Although she had a happy time at that time, she always felt unreal.

It turned out that her feelings were not wrong. Maybe in his heart, although he had feelings for her, he could not marry her willingly in the end.

The two stood on the balcony, holding each other. In the dark blue night sky, a bright moon pulled their figures long, as if blessing this couple.

"Achoo!" The beautiful scene was ruined by a sneeze. Leona's nose turned red because of coldness and looked at York with embarrassment!

"It's windy here. Let's go inside!" York put his arm around her shoulder and walked into the room.

On the second morning, in the CEO Office of Golden Eagle Group, the decoration was quite magnificent. All that could be seen was leather seats and sofa, with more than an inch long carpet on the ground, and her feet were soft.

Jackie stood in front of the huge desk made of mahogany. Behind the desk in front of him sat an old man who looked about sixty years old. He was the founder of Golden Eagle Group, Golden Eagle.

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