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   Chapter 616 Enter Hanson (Part Two)

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Hearing her father's joking words, Alice shouted, "Daddy, what are you talking about? I'm helping you. Even if you don't appreciate my kindness, I won't enter the company at the worst. I'll still be a rich lady!"

"Okay, okay, I'll listen to you. I have promised you, but you have to promise me that you won't cause any trouble to Greg!" Anthen had no choice but to agree to his daughter's request.

"Of course, how could I cause trouble to Brother Greg? Don't forget that I'm a top student of the business school. With my help, Brother Greg will have less burden!" Alice said with a sweet smile!

Greg, I'll let you know soon that you can't scold me as you like. Let's wait and see!

York had been staying in the room with Leona all the time. After dinner, he looked at the tired look on Leona's face and said with concern, "Leona, why don't you have a rest? Our flight will be several hours later. I'll wake you up when it's time!"

Indeed, Leona was a little tired. Whether it was the airport shock before, or the serious injury on her feet, she was both physically and mentally exhausted. What happened in the past few days made her even more exhausted!

"Well, you can have a rest too!" Then Leona stood up and walked towards the inner room!

York followed her. Leona thought he wanted to do something, so she looked at him at a loss!

"I'll watch you sleep!" York smiled gently. It was not until then that Leona felt relieved.

York tucked her in and sat on the edge of the bed. He didn't lie down beside her until she fell asleep.

Since he knew the news about Leona yesterday, he immediately called someone to save Leona, and then came here day and night. Fortunately, she was fine. Seeing that she was still frowning when she fell asleep, York gently smoothed her frown. Leona, one day you will know who loves you t

"I don't care. As long as it concerns you, it's worth it no matter how much it costs, not to mention that it doesn't need a lot of money. And now is a very dangerous moment. I don't want anything unexpected to happen!"

Leona nodded without saying anything. She just looked out of the window at the clouds, lost in thought.

"Leona, I guess your main purpose this time should be to take Eden back, right?" York's voice interrupted her meditation.

Surprised, Leona looked at York. How could he know what she was thinking?

York smiled. They had known each other for ten years, which was enough for him to understand her. He was sure that no one in the world knew her better than him. Sometimes, he could know what she was thinking with just a glance!

Eden was equivalent to the life of Leona. No one in the world was more important than her son in her heart, including herself!

"I think we'd better get in touch with Eden, so that we can make a plan and bring him out smoothly. After all, Will Group is very powerful in Europe. We have to make a careful plan!"

"I can get in touch with Eden!" Leona also thought what York said was reasonable. She told him without hesitation that she could contact her son!

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