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   Chapter 615 Enter Hanson (Part One)

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Sitting in the spacious and bright office, Greg was not in the mood to deal with his business at the moment. Liam hadn't found out the whereabouts of Leona. If she fell into the hands of Golden Eagle, it would be too disadvantageous for him.

Golden Eagle would definitely use Leona to threaten him. What should he do then? Will Group was the fruit of his grandfather's lifetime efforts, and Leona was the most important person in his life. He could not easily give up either side.

Suddenly, the phone rang. As a conditioned reflex, Greg picked it up without checking the caller ID!

"Hello, have you found her?"

"Brother Greg, have I found who? Who are you looking for?" Alice's voice came from inside. Greg frowned instinctively. Why was she?

"Nothing. What's up?" Greg's voice was cold and emotionless.

"Why can't I call you if I have nothing important? Brother Greg, I miss you. Where are we going for lunch?" Alice pouted and acted like a spoiled child.

She knew that Greg didn't like her, but she was patient and confident that she would make this man fall in love with her. Besides, she had an important thing to talk to Greg face to face today.

"You can eat by yourself. I have a lot of documents to deal with!" Said Greg coldly, refusing Alice directly.

"Is there anything more important than eating? Daddy said that although work is important, health is more important. He is waiting for us to have a child as soon as possible!" When Alice said this, her face flushed unconsciously. Although Greg was not here, she was still very embarrassed. After all, it was embarrassing for a single woman to say such a thing!

Greg took a deep breath. He really hated Alice's attitude. He said in an unfriendly tone, "As I said, I still have a lot of documents to review. You can go by yourself. If there is nothing else, I will just hang up now!"

After Greg directly hanging up the phone, Alice really wanted to bite hi

affairs all of a sudden?

"Alice, are you hiding something from dad recently?"

Alice was startled. Did her father notice something? She knew her father's temper very well. If he knew it, he would never agree with her!

"No, I didn't. how could I hide something from Daddy?"

Seeing that his daughter didn't seem to be lying, Anthen continued, "then why do you want to take part in the project? Greg has been handling this matter all the time. Our company is only responsible for investment, and that's all. It's not good for you to be part of it, isn't it?"

Alice didn't agree with her father!

"Daddy, this is a project invested by our company. As the president, why don't you care about the future of our company at all? Of course, it's not that I don't believe in Brother Greg, but people always have misgivings. Brother Greg has so many work every day, and it's hard to guarantee that he will not make mistakes. If we join in, maybe we can give him some corresponding suggestions, right?"

Hearing her daughter's words, Anthen also thought it was reasonable. Then he looked at Alice and joked, "I thought my Alice was so filial and wished to help father with work. But it turns out that you just did it for Greg. With such a virtuous wife like you, Greg is really lucky to!"

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