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   Chapter 614 Fortunately, He Is Here (Part Two)

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But those people in black suits obviously didn't look like good people. Did York have anything to do with them?

"Oh, no! It's swollen again!" Instead of answering Leona's question in a hurry, York helped her to sit down on the sofa, took off her shoes and socks, and examined her carefully. After confirming that she was fine, he breathed a sigh of relief!

"Black suit? No, I met Troy when I studied in England. We were on good terms. He saw your photos in my wallet, so he knew you. Yesterday, he happened to come to Finland. When he arrived, he found that there was a gunfight at the airport. He saw someone at the door drugged you with a white towel, so he saved you. You were in a coma at that time, so he found this hotel to send you here, and then called me! " York told Leona everything in detail!

Hearing that, Leona nodded and asked again, "where is Troy? He saved me. I should thank him!"

York put his arm around her shoulder with a smile and said, "It doesn't matter. He is on a business trip here. When I came here, he had already gone back to England. We will thank him again in the future!"

"Well, when I see him again in the future, I must invite him to dinner. If it weren't for his help, I don't know what would happen now!" Said Leona, still with lingering fear!

Looking at her head, York's eyes flashed. Leona, I didn't mean to hide it from you, but I couldn't tell you. At least not for the time being. But you can rest assured that as long as I'm here, I can guarantee your safety!

York called the receptionist of the hotel and asked the waiter to bring in the medicine box. After carefully applying medicine to Leona's feet, he said, "Leona, why didn't you tell me when you left? Do you know how anxious I am when you suddenly disappear? Promise me that you won't do that again, okay? At least tell me where you are going b

na, I won't force you to make any promise to me now. I just want you to know that no matter what happens, I will be with you. You are not alone. You still have me, and I have the patience to wait. Ten years is no different from a lifetime!" After saying that, York smiled bitterly and walked out with his arm around her shoulder!

"What do you want to eat? There are many famous dishes in Finland. How about I take you to have a taste?" With endless tenderness in his eyes, York asked Leona!

"I don't think it's necessary. I'm afraid that those people will come again!" Said Leona worriedly. She didn't want to make trouble, attracting not only Greg's people, but also those she didn't know.

"That's good. Ask someone to bring it in!" As York spoke, he called the reception desk to order food!

"When are we going to Norway?" Leona asked anxiously. After all, her purpose was Norway this time. She couldn't wait to see her son!

"Don't worry. I know what you are thinking about. I've made a plan. I've asked someone to buy the air ticket in someone else's name. Otherwise, whether we take a plane or a train, we'll be easily targeted by them!" York said proudly!

Hearing that, Leona was relieved. Fortunately, York was there!

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