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   Chapter 613 Fortunately, He Is Here (Part One)

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The alarm rang loudly in the airport, and a large number of airport security guards rushed in in an instant. Two groups of people in black suits saw that the situation was not good, and quickly retreated here with their injured subordinates!

Liam said to the small walkie talkie at the collar, "retreat!" Then he rushed to the door with his men. In an instant, the two groups of people ran out among the chaotic passengers!

After arriving at the airport, Liam looked around quickly and found no trace of Leona.

He stamped his feet in anger. Different from the airport, this place was very convenient to escape to anywhere. Liam didn't know where Leona had gone and how to find her. Besides, there were other people chasing after her. Maybe she had been taken away by the people of Golden Eagle!

Liam rubbed his temples. How could he explain to his boss that the task assigned by his boss had failed?

As he ordered his men to drive, he took out his phone and dialed the number of Greg!

Since receiving the phone call from Liam, Greg couldn't focus on the documents in front of him. More than ten minutes later, he still stared at the same page!

All of a sudden, his phone rang. He grabbed it subconsciously and saw it was from Liam. He quickly picked up the phone and asked anxiously, "how's it going? Did you bring her back?"

A moment later, Greg frowned. Leona was lost. He couldn't guarantee that Leona was taken away by the men of Golden Eagle, but as long as the men of Golden Eagle also targeted her, she would be arrested at any time!

"Mr. Wei, I haven't completed the task you gave me. Please punish me!" Liam said with regret!

What's the use of punishing him now? The most important thing at present was to find Leona. Greg said in a low voice, "Take more people to look for her. You must find her as soon as possible!"

"Boss, when I was about to take Miss Ling away, she said she didn't want to..." Liam told what Leona said to Greg!


an e-mail to tell Eden that she had arrived in Finland and would go to Norway to find him soon. Then she wondered what the number of the police should be here.

The number of the police in England was 999. Maybe it should be the same here. It was better to have a try. When Leona was about to press down her hand, she heard the door open. She was frightened and looked in the direction of the door!

As the door was opened from the outside, a tall and straight figure appeared. With her eyes wide open, Leona looked at the person. It was York?

"York, why are you here?" Asked Leona in surprise. Were the foreigners who wanted to abduct her sent by York? This thought made Leona's heart jump to her throat!

York came to her with a smile, put his hands on her shoulders, looked at her gently and said, "Are you scared? When I woke up, I found that you had left. You don't know how anxious I was. I knew that you came here alone, so I came immediately. Fortunately, my friend, Troy saved you. Did you get hurt?"

"I'm fine, but my foot hurts. Are those foreigners in black suits and sunglasses your friends?" asked Leona with uncertainty.

Although she had known York for many years, York had studied in England for two years. That was why she had gone to England with York after she left Greg with pregnancy!

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