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   Chapter 611 A Chaotic Airport (Part One)

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With a loud knock on the door, the door was smashed by Greg. He roared, "Eden, do you think it's useful for you to hide like this? I'm your father. No matter you admit it or not, it won't be changed. Open the door for me now!"

However, no matter how hard he knocked, Eden seemed to be competing with him. He didn't even respond!

The loud smash of the door on the second floor alarmed Howard, who was still having dinner downstairs. He frowned and looked at the direction upstairs. 'Greg is still so bad tempered. What's the use of arguing with a child?'

Putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Howard walked upstairs with the help of the housekeeper. With a heavy face, he stood behind Greg and said, "Greg, can't you have a good communication with Eden? What you have done will only intensify the conflict between you!"

Greg scratched his hair irritably, turned around and said to his grandfather, "but he has to be willing to communicate with me. Look at him. What should I do if he asks me to do? I think this kiddo needs to be taught a lesson. I thought no one in the world could discipline him!"

Howard frowned and said disapprovingly, "well, look at yourself. You used to be like this. You are as difficult to discipline as him. How did I teach you patiently at that time? After all, Eden is your own son. You haven't been with him since he was a child. It's normal for you to be lack of communication. You should be more patient!"

Greg turned his face aside and said nothing. He was not by his son's side when Eden was a child, but how could he be blamed? He didn't know that he had a son, or he wouldn't have let York be there.

"You go to rest first. Let Grandpa talk to Eden!" Howard patted on the shoulder of Greg and asked him to leave first!

Frustrated, Greg glanced at his son's room, turned around and left. No one knew how painful he was!

Howard knocked on Eden's room!

"Eden, open the door. It's great grandpa!"

Eden carefully put the tablet computer under the pillow, lifted the quilt


All of a sudden, the people in black suits around quickly moved towards the direction of Leona!

On the other side, the people wearing the badges at the neckline also found Leona. For a time, the two groups of people acted quickly like leopards!

For a moment, the noisy airport became chaotic. People didn't know what had happened. They all dispersed and rushed to the door!

Because there were too many people, Leona was pushed passively towards the door by the crowd!

Seeing that the group of people in black suits were quickly approaching Leona, the people with the collar badge beside them also quickly rushed around. At the same time, someone took out a gun and shot at the other party with a loud bang!

With this gunshot, one of the enemies was shot on the shoulder and then fell to the ground, blood flowing down his shoulder!

The hall of the airport became even more chaotic as the constant screams came. People who realized the danger screamed and rushed to the door. Some people didn't have time to run there, so they simply found a safe place to hide. For a time, it was even more chaotic here!



The screams continued to come, and Leona was also frightened by the sudden situation in front of her. This place was really chaotic. Thinking of this, she did not stop and ran out with the crowd!

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