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   Chapter 609 Cooperation (Part One)

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Although Alice didn't know the specific operation content of the project, she knew that once the project was successful, Will Group would have a qualitative change. And it was also because of this project that Greg was approved by the board of directors!

If the project didn't succeed, it would have a certain impact on Will, but it wouldn't make the huge commercial ship sink. But Greg would definitely lose his position!

"Why should I believe you?" Alice looked at Jackie with disdain. She didn't have a good impression of a man who only used despicable means to threaten her!

Jackie put one hand on the sofa behind her and pressed his face close to hers. With a blurred look in his eyes, he said, "Isn't our relationship enough to make you believe me?"

Alice pushed him away in disgust, stood up and walked to the farthest place from him on the other side. With an expression of obvious disgust on her face, she said, "don't mention that thing to me again. It's just a mistake. I hope we all forget it!"

"Baby, do you know how painful my heart is? In fact, we are very harmonious together, aren't we? And I like you very much. I also feel that you have feelings for me. Isn't it good for us to maintain such a relationship?" Jackie said, holding his heart with both hands!

"Stop pretending. You make me sick!" Jackie still said!

"If you keep doing this, I think there is no need for us to continue our conversation!" Alice stood up and was about to leave!

"Okay, I won't make trouble for you, okay? Let's get down to business. I said I could help you get the current position of Greg, not just talking nonsense. Once the company fails in protecting the environment and energy, the stock price of Will Group will definitely fall. At that time, you can buy a lot of shares of Will Group. You are the biggest investor, and you have a certain proportion of the shares in your hands. At that time, I will ask someone to help you. Isn't Will Group in your hands?" Jackie sto

ebrows and said, "how can I trust such an important thing to a person I don't know at all? If I sell it to Golden Eagle Group, I will definitely get an astronomical reward!"

Alice was not stupid. Although Jackie said that the stock of Will would plummet, it was not easy to buy a large number of shares. It would cost a lot of money!

Besides, her father had invested half of the capital in Greg. It was difficult to take out a large amount of money. If it was not good, it would make Hanson unable to operate it. How could she not make full use of this trade?

Jackie smiled like a fox. Of course he knew what Alice was thinking.

"You will give me the plan, won't you?" Jackie smiled meaningfully, which made Alice angry and dare not get angry!

Seeing that she turned around angrily, Jackie finally let go of her and said, "Well, I don't like you so much. I promise you that I will give you a reasonable reward at that time. I know that buying shares requires a lot of money. I have already planned it for you. Is that okay?"

Alice calmed down a little. Then Jackie leaned over again and whispered in her ear, "but I have helped you so much. You should thank me anyway, right?"

Alice turned her head nervously. Seeing that his eyes began to get turbid, she was a little alert. She knew what his eyes meant!

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