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   Chapter 607 Is It Meaningful To Lie To Yourself (Part One)

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"I'm fine. Go away. Don't bother me!" Alice sat on the ground and screamed hysterically. She couldn't bear it anymore. She didn't know what Jackie was going to do. Why did he force her again and again?

"Alice, what happened? Can you tell Mommy?" Mrs. Li was at a loss because of her daughter's anger. Alice had been spoiled by them since she was a child, and she had a serious Princess character. But she knew that Alice would not lose her temper for no reason, and it must be a big deal to make her angry like this, so she was more worried!

At this time, Alice's mood in the room gradually stabilized. She knew that it was not a good way to escape. If she did not go, she was not sure that Jackie would really send those photos out. By then, it would be too late!

She tidied herself up, took her bag and opened the door. She looked at her mother calmly and said, "Mommy, I'm fine. I need to go out!"

Mrs. Li looked at her daughter worriedly. Where was she going at this late hour?

"Alice, it's very late now. You are going to get married. You must pay attention to the impact of your behaviors at this time."

"I know. I know what I'm doing. You don't need to remind me!" Alice interrupted her mother impatiently, walked past her and went downstairs!

"Alice..." Mrs. Li's worried voice came from behind. At this time, Alice had left the room. The sound of car engine came from the yard. As the car went away, Alice also left home!

She knew where Jackie was pointing at. She had been in the same room and same hotel with him twice. Although she was flustered at that time, she still remembered this!

She didn't want to be controlled by him anymore. She had to find a way to solve it. Alice rolled down the window. The cold wind made her sober quickly!

This kind of thing could not be told to anyone, and could only be solved by herself. But she was just a woman, what could she do?

Until now, she even sadly found that she knew too li

rove that he had other purposes!

"Bingo, you deserve to be the top student of a famous school. I like to deal with smart women. Indeed, I came to you not just to develop this kind of relationship with you. I want to kindly remind you that you are now on the verge of danger. If you are not careful, your Hanson Group will be eaten up to the bone by Greg!" Although Jackie was still as cynical as before, there was a hint of seriousness in his eyes!

Alice frowned. She couldn't agree with Jackie. Hanson Group and Will Group were just married, and they would cooperate with each other in the future. They would be mutually beneficial. Why did he say that Hanson Group would be swallowed up by Will Group?

"I don't want to hear your nonsense. Just tell me your purpose!" Alice said in disgust!

Jackie didn't get angry. He took another sip of wine and said, "You know, Greg doesn't love you. He just pretends to be nice to you in front of the media. As for how you get along with each other behind the scenes, I don't think I need to tell you, right?"

Alice's face darkened. What he said had been a knot in her heart for a long time. Although she and Greg looked like a couple and they were very affectionate in front of others, up to now, Greg hadn't even kissed her, not even on her forehead!

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