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   Chapter 606 A Date (Part Two)

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"Shut up!" A cold voice came out of his mouth. Although he did not show his anger, there were some people who were like this. He looked very calm, but his aura made people feel a fear from the bottom of their hearts!

Alice was instantly frightened by his look. She instinctively loosened her grip on his arm, bit her lower lip and stopped talking. She lowered her head and looked at the rearview mirror from time to time!

It seemed that it was impossible for Greg to listen to her. The only thing she could do now was to go home as soon as possible and hope that Jackie would not follow!

Greg stepped hard on the accelerator, and the car sped away in an instant. The huge back seat force made the two people lean back sharply!

It was terribly quiet in the car. Greg pressed his lips and said nothing. Now he was also full of depression. He didn't plan to go back to the company tonight. Later he would go back to see Eden and resolve the stalemate between them!

As an extraordinary child, Eden only needed to be coaxed. Most of the time, Eden was very mature, and it was not until now that Greg felt that it was also troublesome to have such a talented son!

Alice didn't say a word. At this time, she was completely in a state of tension, constantly psychological construction for herself. She had destroyed Jackie's mobile phone, and now there was nothing in his hand that could threaten her. She could just ignored him!

No one would believe what he said in front of the media!

The two of them sat in the car with their own thoughts. Not long after, they arrived at Alice's home!

"Well, here you are. Get off the car!" Greg asked her to leave as Greg couldn't wait to see Eden as soon as possible!

Alice bit her lower lip. Greg looked very cold. Except for his tenderness to her in front of others, he was cold enough in private. They didn't loo

a few words: I'll wait for you in the same place. You know the consequences of not coming!

Alice clenched her phone tightly. She knew what the consequence would be. Once he sent it to the media, the headlines of the second day would undoubtedly be replaced with this!

The daughter of the owner of Hanson Group had a tryst with a man before their marriage and was photographed in a hotel secretly!

Who was the mysterious man behind the heiress of Hanson Group?

Alice was almost driven crazy by this matter. She held the phone in her hand and wanted to throw it out at once. This time, Jackie went too far. He didn't even come to the door to pick her up and directly ordered her to go to the old place. Who did he think he was? Why should she listen to him?

Only ghosts knew where the same place was. She wouldn't go there. Alice angrily threw her phone out, and the phone hit the wall with a broken sound. At this moment, she couldn't control her emotions and threw out everything she could touch!

Bang! Bang! Bang! The room was in a mess in an instant!

"Alice, what's wrong with you?" Mrs. Li's concerned voice came from outside. Just now, she heard a loud noise in her daughter's room downstairs, so she quickly came to ask!

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