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   Chapter 605 A Date (Part One)

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"Then I won't be so shy!" After ordering quickly, Alice handed the menu to the waiter and said, "give us a bottle of Lafite in 1882!"

Greg frowned and said, "You'd better drink less. There are still a lot of documents to be dealt with in the company. I have to go back later!"

"It doesn't matter. I will drink just a little!" As Alice spoke, she poured a glass of wine into the glass of Greg. At this time, a waiter brought her mobile phone. This was a high-end restaurant, and the restaurant was responsible for keeping her mobile phone during dinner!

Alice's face changed when she saw the caller ID.

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Greg looked at Alice's pale face and asked. He had noticed it as soon as she took the phone!

Alice was not good at lying, but even if she was good at lying, it was useless. Greg had established his own company since he was a teenager, and he had seen a lot of people. Ordinary people had no way to hide from him!

There must be a secret that could make her look like this, so he asked deliberately. He had no choice. He just hated her so much!

There was a gentle expression on Greg's face, but Alice felt that there was something hidden in his eyes. She was shocked and wondered why she had a feeling that she was spied on by Greg.

"Okay, I'll take it right now!" Alice said, and then picked up the phone. "Hey, help me order the latest product of channel, and the size is the same as yours. Well, I'm having dinner with my fiance. We'll talk later!" Then she hung up the phone quickly and muted it in case of being disturbed again!

Then she looked at Greg and said, trying to make it normal, "It's my best friend since childhood. I want to buy the latest product of channel recently. So she asked me if I wanted it or not!"

Greg just smiled and said nothing. She thought he was a child? How could she get rid of him with such an excuse? But s

nt that he would not have dinner with Alice if he hadn't known that there would be many reporters waiting for him in the dark!

"That's why I have to deal with the work at hand. As the CEO of the company, I have to do it myself. I can't hand over everything!" said Greg, trying to hold back his anger.

"Brother Greg..." Alice still didn't agree. She had seen Jackie in the distance looking at them with a smile on his face. At this time, Jackie also asked the waiter to pay the bill and was ready to leave at any time!

She didn't know if he would appear at any time following them, but he did make her feel extremely panic. Now she couldn't make any scandal, or the consequences would be unbearable for her!

Holding Alice's waist, Greg walked out. It seemed that they were affectionate to each other. Only Greg knew that he was extremely upset now!

The two of them came to the car. Out of the corner of Alice's eyes, she saw Jackie come out of the restaurant and get in his sports car. Alice was sure that Jackie must be waiting for Greg to leave!

"Brother Greg, please?" Alice kept acting like a spoiled child!

Greg frowned, and a strong cold aura instantly filled his body. There were no reporters here, and his patience was officially exhausted!

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