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   Chapter 603 Stop Her From Going To Norway (Part One)

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Greg looked at Leona's number many times, but he didn't have the courage to dial it. What should he say after the line was connected?

Now the Internet was full of news that he was going to marry Alice. What if she asked about it? How should he answer? Now even if he wanted to deceive her, it was useless. There was less than a week left before the wedding. At that time, the media would surely report it!

Greg really couldn't imagine what would happen when Leona saw the news. He grabbed his hair and buried his head in his knees in pain. Although he had his own difficulties, he couldn't tell anyone. A huge sense of depression was deeply filled in his heart!

In the end, Greg couldn't stand it anymore. He decided to call Leona. He didn't want her to misunderstand him. He had to tell her the truth that he had his own difficulties.

As long as they were patient, he would definitely take Golden Eagle Group done in the shortest time. As long as the current environment protection and energy project was successful, Will Group would be the peak of new innovations in the industry!

He had already made a series of plans. As long as things went well, he would finish Golden Eagle Group as soon as possible!

At that time, he would divorce Alice immediately, and then the three of them would live a good life!

Before Greg pressed the button, a number came in. It was the bodyguard he had sent to protect Leona!

Greg was stunned and answered the phone quickly, "how is it going?"

"Someone attacked Miss Ling in the company this afternoon..."

"What? How is she? How did you do the job? Where is she now?" Shouted Greg angrily!

It would be better if she was fine, or he would definitely let all the people who hurt her pay the price of blood!

"Miss Ling was saved, but we lost her news. When we arrived at the villa, she had already left. Mr. Wei, what should we do now?"

Greg frowned. His first reaction wa


At the same time, she felt nervous. Did he look down upon her because of this matter? She bit her lower lip and looked at Greg with grievance. She was also a victim.

She didn't expect that Jackie would be so despicable. He even took her to a hotel after she was drunk. If she knew it, she would never go with him!

But it was useless to say that now. The most important thing at present was to grasp Greg tightly. Maybe as long as they were really together, he would feel that she was much better than that Leona!

"Brother Greg, I know it's all my fault, but we are going to get married, so we can't get along like this all the time. It's not good for the reputation of our two companies! And I saw Grandpa Wei before I came here. He encouraged me to come to you!" Alice had to mention Howard!

After all, the marriage between Hanson Group and Will Group seemed to be a bigger win to Hanson Group than to Will Group in any way. What her father said wouldn't have much impact on Greg. Although she didn't want to admit it, it was the truth!

But Howard Wei was different. Greg always respected his grandfather, and now the power seemed to be handed over to Greg, but he only had the executive power. The real power was still in Howard's hand, so Greg had to listen to him!

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