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   Chapter 602 Pick Up Eden (Part Two)

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Eden pressed the button and sent the e-mail. He smiled for the first time in the past few days, but then he wondered why his mommy suddenly came to pick him up. Did mommy know that that man was going to get married?

For a moment, Eden's heart clenched again. Although he stayed in the Castle of Jordon every day, the news that Greg and Alice were going to get married was posted on the most conspicuous place on the Internet every day!

After all, the marriage between the two groups was a very eye-catching wedding. Had Mommy already known it? He didn't want his mother to be hurt. If her mother knew it, she would be very sad!

Thinking of this, Eden typed again, "Mommy, why do you suddenly want to take Eden back?"

Sitting in the waiting hall, Leona looked at the missed call from Hansome on her phone and knew that he must be asking where she had gone. Now she just wanted to be alone for a while!

Suddenly, there was a hint on her e-mail. She clicked on it and found that it was a reply from her son. Seeing that Eden said he missed her too, Leona's heart was full of happiness. In this world, only family affection was eternal. As for love... She didn't dare to look forward to it anymore!

When Leona was about to reply, she saw her son's second e-mail. Her fingers quickly slid on it and said, "That's because Mommy misses Eden. Mommy wants to live with Eden forever, okay?"

After sending the e-mail, Leona stared at her phone blankly. Now she only had her son who could live with her for the rest of the life. She must bring him back!

They could never live a luxurious life. She always believed that family affection was irreplaceable. Wealth could buy anything, but could not buy real care!

Greg had already had another woman, and they would have their own children in the future. What should Eden do then?

She didn't want her son to experience the pain of her past again!

Although both of her and her siste

ngry that he lost his mind. By the time he regretted, it was too late!

He couldn't do anything about the time before Eden was five years old. After all, it was York who accompanied him all the time. Now he was even a little jealous of York!

He knew that he should communicate well with his son in case there was a gap between the father and the son. He had tried to call back in the daytime, but every time the servant told him that Eden was resting!

He didn't know if his son was really sleeping or because he didn't want to answer his phone at all, which made Greg very irritable!

What's more, the call from Leona yesterday made him even more upset. On the phone, he clearly heard that she was with York. Since he was not with her, how could she be with York again?

The old love between them had always been a thorn in Greg's heart. He knew that York had never given up on Leona. He was really not sure if she would be won by York's crazy attack!

Great anger and jealousy gnawed at his heart. He wanted to fly back and ask what was going on with Leona personally, but now was the most critical moment here. Success or failure was in this move, and he would never leave at this time!

Leona, wait a minute. I will deal with this matter well. Then we can be together forever.

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