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   Chapter 601 Pick Up Eden (Part One)

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Hearing Lina mention Greg, the expression on Leona's face changed. She said unnaturally, "I have to go to the airport. The house is all yours." Without waiting for Lina's answer, she ran upstairs quickly and began to pack up her things!

Her belongings were all put in a cabinet by the window. After quickly tidying up everything Leona put on her necessities and changed a set of clothes before walking towards the garage!

There were five or six luxury cars in the garage, all bought by Greg. Leona walked up to a red Ferrari sports car, took the car key from the driver and directly sat on it. Then she stepped on the accelerator!

The huge recoil made Leona lean back, and the huge sound of engine roared in her ears. Then the car instantly drove away, heading straight to the airport!

On the way, Leona kept overtaking. She was so anxious and her driving skill was on the verge of collapse that the car kept crashing on the road. Fortunately, it was evening and there were not many people on the road. Otherwise, it was really difficult to guarantee that she would safely drive to the airport!

More than an hour later, Leona fortunately appeared at the airport. She found a parking lot and threw the car into it, and then ran to the ticket office!

It was clearly reported on the Internet that Greg and Alice were in Oslo, Norway!

"Miss, please give me an air ticket to Oslo!"

"I'm sorry. We don't have a flight today. The earliest one is ten o'clock the day after tomorrow evening. If you are in a hurry, there will be a flight to Finland in an hour. You can also transfer to Oslo there!"

After thinking for a while, Leona finally bought a ticket to Finland. Otherwise, she would have to board at ten o'clock in the evening the day after tomorrow and take more than 10 hours to get there. She really couldn't wait!

When Leona arrived at the rest area, while waiting for the boarding time, she took out her phone and opened the e-mail. She quickly type

father did this to betray his mother and him. No matter what difficulties his dad had, it couldn't be the reason for him to give in!

Moreover, his father slapped him, which left a shadow in Eden's mind. His mother didn't even bare to slap him. Eden reached out his little hand to touch his face, where there was a faint pain!

He wouldn't forgive his father, and he decided not to admit that the man was his father from now on. He reached out for the tablet computer beside him, because he was injured, and Howard made an exception to let him rest for a few days without class!

At this time, Eden's little hand was unconsciously sliding on the tablet computer. Suddenly, it showed that he had an email, which made Eden excited!

This was the email account he specially set up to contact his mother. It must be his mother sending him an email.

In the blink of an eye, he hadn't seen his mother for more than a month. When he saw his mother's e-mail, tears immediately ran down his cheeks!

He clicked on it quickly. Although it was only a few words, Eden's heart lit up in an instant!

He was so excited that his mommy was coming to find him. Great! He finally was about to see his mommy. He put his little hand on the computer and quickly typed, "Mommy, I miss you so much. When will you pick me up?"

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