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   Chapter 600 I Won't Let You Go (Part Two)

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It was late when Leona came out of the hospital in a hurry. She took a taxi to the villa!

More than an hour later, Leona took a taxi back to the villa in the semi mountain area. As soon as she arrived at the gate, she saw York's car parking there!

Previously, it was not easy for York to get rid of his parents and Janie. When he rushed out, Leona and Jean had already entered the elevator!

He ran to the employee elevator and quickly pressed the down button. He was anxious to catch up with Leona. Seeing that their elevator had arrived at the underground parking lot, by the time York also arrived, Leona and Jean had already taken Hansome's car and left!

Seeing the shivering driver of Leona, he strode over and asked. Then he knew what had happened. York's heart beat wildly. His heart sank. He knew that the people at that side must haven take action to hurt Leona!

At this moment, York drove out, but they were nowhere to be seen. York took out his phone and dialed a number quickly. "I said that you can't hurt her. And now, Greg is going to marry another woman. If he cares about her, how could he do that? You've found the wrong target!"

Then someone at the other end of the phone said something. "Anyway, I don't care. You can't hurt her again, or I won't let you go easily," said York furiously.

York hung up the phone angrily. They said that they could get in touch those people sent out before the mission was completed, which meant that Leona was still in danger. He had to find her as soon as possible!

But where on earth did she go? York drove the car aimlessly on the street, looking for her. His mobile phone kept ringing. Seeing that it was from his father, York refused to answer it decisively. He knew that his father just wanted him to go back, but he really didn't love Janie, and it was impossible for him to be with her!

Finally, it occurred to York that Leona knew that Greg was going to get married. Maybe she would go back t

to the hospital. You can go and have a look!"

"Leona? Why are you with our York? Don't you think it's not enough to hurt him?" Before Arthur could finish his words, Leona hung up the phone decisively, and then ordered the driver and the gardener to send him away, and then walked into the room!

Lina followed Leona step by step. Since Leona hadn't come back for several days, Lina was the one who cared about her the most in the villa. After all, she had been watching Leona go from an ignorant girl to today step by step!

"Miss Ling, why haven't you come back for several days? By the way, have you had dinner? I will cook for you. What do you want to eat?"

Hearing that, Leona stopped, turned around and smiled at Lina, saying, "I'm fine, Lina. Don't worry about me. I have something else to do and I have to go out right now. Please take care of me here!"

"What? You just came back and are leaving!" Lina looked at Leona with reluctance!

"Okay!" Leona nodded and said, "I'm going to take Eden back!"

Hearing that Eden would be brought back, Lina smiled and said, "that's great. I haven't seen Mr. Eden for a long time. I really miss him. I don't know if he has grown taller these days. Mr. Wei took Mr. Eden away for so long and hasn't come back yet. Miss Ling, are you going to see Mr. Wei?"

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