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   Chapter 599 I Won't Let You Go (Part One)

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Taking the phone from Hansome, which was powered off, Leona turned it on and opened her mailbox, but there was no email or text!

Sitting aside, Hansome peeped at Leona. Just now when he went to get her phone, he had deleted all the information on it, including the message records of him and York!

York said that Samuel would come back soon. He didn't know if York was telling the truth or he was lying to him on purpose, but no matter what, he couldn't give up!

Looking at her phone casually, Leona believed that if Greg really married Alice, the news would spread quickly on the Internet. After all, their marriage was not a common one, but the marriage of the two most powerful groups in Europe. Naturally, there would not be no news!

This also saved her trouble of inquiring about their whereabouts. As long as she found Greg, she would definitely be able to find Eden. As soon as Leona opened the website, it was all about the news that Greg was about to marry the daughter of Hanson Group!

Their wedding was held in Oslo, the capital of Norway. It was the most tedious report. A piece of news attracted the attention of Leona. It was reported that Greg was dating with his fiancee Alice at midnight and was photographed by the reporters!

In the photo, Greg looked at Alice affectionately. His suit jacket was put on Alice, and there was an obvious kiss mark on her neck. The two of them appeared in the hotel hand in hand intimately!

Greg received a reporter's interview, saying that he and his fiancee wanted to be with each other for a while and they came to the hotel. He didn't expect to be discovered by the reporters!

On the screen, there was still a confident smile on Greg's face. His words were humorous, and his body exuded mature and steady male charm!

While they were talking and laughing, he dismissed all the questions of the reporters one by one, which attracted countless likes. They said that he was the perfect husband in a woman's heart, and even many people were jealous

e time!

"But, I..." When Leona was about to refuse, she had to go back to the villa to get her passport and identification, and then go to the airport to take a plane to Norway. She couldn't take care of Jean here.

However, Hansome interrupted her decisively, "Secretary Li was injured for you. Shouldn't you take care of her? And you can also treat your foot injury by the way. I think it's the best solution!"

This was the first time that Hansome had spoken to Leona in such a tone. No matter what she wanted before, he would cooperate unconditionally. But today, he suddenly became so tough that Leona could not refuse!

"That's it. I'll ask the nurse to take you to the doctor to check your feet first, and then come to the ward. I'll go through the admission procedures!" Taking advantage of the time when Leona was in a daze, Hansome made a decision directly. Then he called a nurse to take Leona away and walked towards the in-patient department himself!

Seeing that Hansome disappeared in front of her, Leona turned around and said to the nurse, "I'm sorry, I don't need to see a doctor. Please help me to send a message to that gentleman. I'm going back in advance. Tell him that he doesn't need to worry about me. I'll be fine!" Then, Leona left in a hurry, or she wouldn't be able to leave again after Hansome came back!

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