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   Chapter 560 A Little Memory (Part One)

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When Hansome arrived at the hospital, Leona hadn't woken up yet. He went directly to the ward of two suspects. At this time, there were already police guards outside the ward. It was not convenient for him to expose his identity. He turned around and left, returning to the ward of Leona!

After a short while, Leona came to her senses. At this time, Hansome came in, looked at her and asked, "Leona, are you okay? Are you okay?"

Hearing that, Leona shook her head. She wanted to say something, but she found that her throat was dry and unbearable. She had drunk too much water when she fell into the river before, so she could only say in a hoarse voice, "water..."

Seeing this, Hansome immediately handed her a glass of water. After drinking a few mouthfuls, Leona felt better and said, "I'm fine. By the way, is Jean okay?"

Hansome nodded and said, "she's fine. She went to the police station to record her statement just now. Now she's back to rest!"

Hearing that, Leona felt relieved. She smiled weakly and said, "Recently, it seems that every time Eden and I were in danger, it was Jean who saved us. I really don't know how to thank her!"

Hansome smiled and thought, of course, she saved you, because he had always asked Jean to protect her and her son secretly. Of course, Hansome couldn't say it out. He just smiled and said, "then you should be closer to her in the future. She is your lucky star. If there is any danger in the future, she can appear in time!"

Hearing that, Leona laughed and said, "You can't say like that. It seems that I have some intention on her. I don't want Jean to misunderstand that our good relationship is because I want to use her!"

"Well, I'm narrow-minded!" Hansome also smiled and said, "do you know why those people hit you?"

Shaking her head, Leona said, "I don't know. I haven't offended anyone. I think they must have mistaken me for someone else."

She didn't even believe this herself. Even i

d to let everyone know!

But when he faced Leona, he unconsciously wanted to tell her everything, as if he should do it. This made him feel strange, and he was sure that he must have had something with Leona before. This was his subconscious instinct to absolutely believe in Leona!

Hearing his words, Leona's heart ached. The reason why he became like this was all because of her. Otherwise, York was still the carefree big boy with a sunny face!

"Well, if you can't remember, don't force yourself to remember it. And I think it's better not to know something than to know it. God has arranged you to lose that memory. Maybe that's the best arrangement for you. Why do you have to remember? After all, it's all in the past. We should move on, shouldn't we?" Leona didn't know what to say. She just wanted to distract him from thinking of the past!

However, York fixed his eyes on Leona and said, "Why do I think there are other meanings in your words? Why was it better for me to forget something instead of knowing it? What on earth do you know? Why didn't everyone tell me? Why didn't you tell me either? Do you know how painful it is for me to lose that memory? I feel that my life is incomplete, as if I have lost the most important thing in my life. You can't understand my feelings at all!"

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