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   Chapter 559 A Thrill By The River (Part Two)

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All of a sudden, a car flew out from the side and hit directly in the direction of Leona. Uncle Li, who was far away, raised his head and saw this breathtaking scene. He screamed, "Miss Ling, get aside!"

Hearing that Uncle Li's voice had changed, Leona intuitively knew that something dangerous had happened. At this time, she also noticed the car that was rushing towards her, but it was too late for her to dodge!

"Ah..." Leona screamed and watched the car getting closer and closer to her. There was only one thought in her mind, 'This is over!'

Closing her eyes, Leona was waiting for the pain, or even the coming of death. At this critical moment, a figure suddenly rushed out from nowhere and pushed Leona aside!

With a loud bang, the car couldn't stop because of the strong impact of inertia. It crashed into the guardrail of the bridge and fell into the flowing river!

At the same time, Leona slipped and her body tilted. Under the impact of the inertia of the person who saved her before, she also fell into the river!

However, Leona didn't know how to swim. In addition, the river was so fast that only people with good swimming skills could swim out. Moreover, Leona fell directly into the center of the river, making it more difficult for her to swim out!

With her hands floating in the river, Leona sometimes surfaced and sometimes sank. It seemed that the situation was very dangerous!

At this time, the man who had saved her saw the danger of Leona. He swam towards Leona with all his strength and shouted when he was breathing, "CEO Ling, don't be afraid. Hold on. I'll save you!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Leona's consciousness was somewhat blurred. She felt strangely relieved. She could tell that it was Jean's voice!

As far as she could remember, Jean always appeared in time when she and Eden were in danger. She wondered if Jean was sent by God to save her. According to superstition, Jean was definitely her lucky s

go to the hospital, because Leona was still there. He had to know the situation in time!

However, Jean refused to leave stubbornly and said, "I'm fine. It's summer now. It's not cold. The clothes will be dry in a while!"

Seeing that she was determined to go, Hansome snapped, "no, you must go back to rest now. This is an order!"

Seeing that Hansome didn't agree, Jean had to pucker his mouth and keep silent. While driving Jean back to her residence, Hansome took off his coat and gave it to her, saying, "put it on, so that you won't catch a cold!"

Jean took over Hansome's coat and put it on. Feeling that his body temperature hadn't dissipated yet, a warm stream flew through Jean's heart!

Hansome sent Jean to her downstairs and said, "be careful. Make some ginger soup after you go back. Take a hot bath and have a good sleep. I'm leaving now!"

"Yes, I know!" Jean happily watched Hansome leave and turned back home!

Hansome stepped on the gas and drove towards the hospital at full speed. He just got the news that the two gangsters who drove to hit Leona were also being rescued in the hospital!

If he was right, these two people should be the same group of people who had kidnapped Eden and driven to hit Leona and her son. Perhaps they could help him solve the case directly!

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