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   Chapter 539 Being Attacked Again (Part Two)

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After this incident, Leona said with lingering fear, "okay!"

At night, Leona lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling above her. It had been three days since Greg took away Eden, but there was no news about them. She wondered how things were going there.

Before leaving, Greg said something to her. It was not that she didn't believe him. It was just that Howard was too powerful. She could feel that Greg was in a bad mood when facing Howard. With such a grandfather, he must have a hard time, right?

Then she thought of Eden. She wondered how he was doing there. He had just had an operation, and he had never been to Europe. Would he not get used to the life there?

Eden had never been away from her for too long. Would he miss her? Thinking of her son, Leona's heart ached again. Although she told herself to be strong in her heart, she still couldn't control her tears and fell!

If Greg went there, would he marry that Alice because he couldn't bear his grandfather's pressure? If so, would Alice abuse Eden?

She believed that Greg would be nice to Eden and that Howard would love Eden very much. But she didn't believe that Alice would like the child of her husband and another woman!

Leona really wanted to fly to Europe to look for them. Even if she just wanted to have a look, she would be relieved as long as she knew that Eden was doing fine over there. But she didn't know where Howard was at all. How could she find them in such a big Europe?

And why did the man deal with her in the bathroom today? She had never offended anyone here. If it was just a trifle of work, no one would be so narrow-minded.

Then she thought of York. Although Janie didn't say that the paintings in Dream Gallery were all drawn by York, she knew it was him. Janie said that they were engaged, and Leona was really happy for them!

Although Janie and Leona were not as happy as before, she was one of the few

d said, "Grandpa, I've told Alice before that I won't marry her, because we're not suitable for each other. It's unfair to everyone. I can't give her anything except the identity of a wife. Why does it have to be like this? I already have a woman in my heart who wants to spend the rest of my life with me. I won't marry any other woman except her!"

Standing behind Howard, Alice looked at Greg and found that he still didn't agree. She was so angry that her tears ran down her cheeks. She had seen that woman before, but she was not surprised at all. That woman had a flat panel figure and an ordinary appearance, and in any way, that woman was not as good as her, the most talented woman in the world!

But Greg fell in love with such a woman. He refused her for that woman, and even stood against his most respected grandfather for her. Her heart was full of unwillingness!

"Grandpa Wei, I don't care. You have to uphold justice for me. Eight years ago, it was Brother Greg who personally agreed to marry me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have refused to accept anyone's pursuit for so many years and worked hard. I only hoped that I could help Brother Greg to protect our two groups. But now, he is denying this. What should I do?" Alice's tears fell down, looking very pitiful!

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