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   Chapter 538 Being Attacked Again (Part One)

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During the whole day, with the company of Hansome, Leona was in a much better mood and was reading the documents in the company. After a while Hansome came in, with his hands on the desk, and said, "it's time to fulfill your promise, isn't it? I haven't forgotten that you still owe me a big meal. When are we going to eat?"

"Wait a minute. I'll go after I finish reading this plan," said Leona with a smile.

"Okay, I'll wait for you!" Hansome came to the sofa, crossed his legs and waited. He watched her attentively reading the documents, and her white neck was like a swan. Unconsciously, he lost in the scene!

"Well, let's go!" After reading the last document, Leona stood up and said to Hansome, pulling him back from his trance!

The two of them came to an Italy restaurant. Leona said generously, "Order whatever you want to eat. I'll pay the bill today!"

"Then I won't stand on ceremony!" Hansome took the menu and quickly ordered. After that, he closed the menu and handed it to the waiter!

"I didn't expect that we have the same taste. These are all my favorite dishes," said Leona in surprise.

Hansome also smiled, "yes, what a coincidence!" In fact, he ordered these dishes on purpose, because he knew that Leona liked them, but he didn't say anything!

Soon, the dishes were served. Hansome kept picking up food for Leona and said, "you are too thin. You have to eat more!"

"I really don't need it. It's too much. I can't eat it!" Looking at the dishes piled up in front of her like a hill, Leona said helplessly. Even in the past, she couldn't eat so much!

After a while, Leona couldn't eat any more. She stood up and said, "Take your time. I'm going to the bathroom!"

"Do you need me to accompany you?" Hansome asked with concern. Last time at the gate of the hospital, he and Jean chased after the person who hit Leona and her son, but the person ran too fast to catch up!

According to h

ith the man dressed like a foreign woman!

As soon as Leona ran back to Hansome, he had finished his meal. Seeing the panic on Leona's face, his heart sank. Was she in danger? He asked anxiously, "Leona, what happened?"

With her hands on her chest, Leona was still having a lingering fear. If Jean hadn't appeared in time, she wouldn't have been able to survive.

"Hansome, go and help Jean. I met a man in a woman's dress in the ladies' room and he hit me. It would be terrible if Jean didn't arrive in time. Go and help her. That man is so tall!" Leona stammered!

Hansome frowned and said, "let's go together!" Then he grabbed Leona's arm and ran towards the ladies' room!

When they arrived here, the fight was over. Jean came out of the ladies' room. Hansome stepped forward and asked anxiously, "where is the man?"

Jean said remorsefully, "He ran through the window. I didn't catch up!"

"Hey, he ran away again. Damn it!" Hansome stamped his feet. If he was not wrong, this person was the one who had hit Leona and her son at the gate of the hospital last time!

Jean bit her lower lip and said, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault!"

"Forget it. It was not your fault!" Without saying anything, Hansome turned around and said to Leona, "let me drive you back first!"

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